To contribute to the development of intelligence in children

To contribute to the development of intelligence in children

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We know that the genetic code, which is accepted as one of the most important factors affecting the intelligence development of children, is not only responsible for intelligence development. We all accept that factors such as pregnancy conditions, social environment and emotional interaction with the child also play important roles in supporting the development of intelligence. Especially in the early years of the child's life, intelligence development is one of the focal points of families and educators. We aim to support your children's intelligence development with the activities we have compiled for you and we want to help them to go one step further in their development.

Five games for babies…

1. What is this?
First touch different parts of your own body, then touch the same place in your baby's body. Sorun What is this? Sorun ask and add “this is a hand, mouth, hand”.

2.Where is it lost?
Store a wind-up toy under a pillow with some visible. See if your baby can find him.

3. Let's sit up
As your baby's leg muscles develop, hold her to stand. Sing and splash at the end.

4. Bing, bang, bong…
Put various pots, pots and wooden spoons with boxes of clean yogurt on top of his game stomach and watch your baby become a drummer.

5. What's in it?
Wrap a small toy on a thick sheet of paper and join the fun and excitement your baby will be opening.

Five games for kids…

1. Find the toy
Place a small toy under one of several colored cups in a row. And let your child find this toy. Make the game harder by closing the opened glasses again.

2. Naming march
Go for a walk in the house and show them the names of the items and ask your child to say them.

3. Crawling fun
Stand with your legs open and let your baby pass through this gap. You smile at her as she leaves the other side.

4. Aiming
Place a basket on the floor and let your child throw the ball into this basket.

5. Empty
Put different safe materials in a box and let it unload and discover them.

Some suggestions to improve your child's intelligence…

• Give healthy food. Good nutrition is essential for a healthy brain. Babies' brains are very sensitive to the amount and quality of nutrients they take.

• Keep moving. To help your baby develop physical skills and gain confidence, walk him out of the house and play with him.

• Support your curiosity. Asking and answering questions teach him something new every day.

• Be relevant. Listen to what he says and understand what he wants to say and try to enter your child's world.

• Put stages. Suggest something more difficult than anything she can do occasionally. But it shouldn't be too hard so he won't be disappointed.

• Be compassionate. Kiss and touch your child often, feel the beauty of being with him.


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