First trimester of pregnant father

First trimester of pregnant father

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Congratulations, your spouse is pregnant and so do you… Your baby starts his life in the womb. All the protection and nutrition your baby needs is taking place in the belly of your partner. The idea of ​​becoming a father and becoming a father begins to slowly embrace you.

You'll be a father, Wow, amazing, awesome.…

What do you expect to happen during the first quarter?

Most men react positively when they become aware of pregnancy. But they may also have doubts and bewilderment. An unplanned pregnancy can begin with a feeling of indecision.

Pregnancy; father, both fear and sense of hope at the same time affect. Trying to understand your emotions during this time can help you begin to see the development of your role from manhood to fatherhood. Your fears about your partner's health, your financial situation, and your concern about what kind of father you are are common concerns in the first quarter. In the first few months, your partner's body experiences changes in morning ailments, insomnia, fatigue, nausea, vomiting and eating habits and adjusts itself to these new conditions of pregnancy. Although all these symptoms are normal, you may not get used to seeing your partner feel uncomfortable. You must be wondering how you can help him.

Most pregnant fathers are concerned about how having a baby will affect their financial situation. If both you and your partner were working, you might start to think about how the income change that your partner will be unable to work for will affect you. Consequently, the need for a large house, a new car, and what kind of new expenses will be required with the arrival of the baby are common concerns in the early stages of pregnancy.

As a result; many pregnant fathers think about what kind of father to be and are worried. You can start thinking by imagining what it was like for your father when you were born. How did he make preparations when he became a father? Imagine, as a prospective father, what opportunities do you have that your father does not have?

All of these new worries are normal feelings for someone who discovers that they will be a father in less than a year. We are not even sure what roles and needs of pregnant fathers are in this process. Experience shows that; Those who expect to be father soon think of themselves more responsible in their families. Accompanying their spouses to visit doctors, talking to other fathers, reading books about paternity are some of the ways in which they apply to paternity.

We would like to offer you some advice that pregnant fathers will need during the first trimester;

For your partner;
• Talk to her about her fears and worries, her hopes and dreams about having a child.
• take regular walks together.

For yourself;
• Select friends to share news about being pregnant.
• Get yourself books about paternity.
• Give yourself time to adopt the feeling of being a father, weigh your feelings correctly.

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