Keep track of your child's dexterity!

Keep track of your child's dexterity!

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Hand dexterity is one of the most basic needs of kindergarten education. In order to develop this skill, you can follow the list mentioned below in parallel with your child's development and eliminate its deficiencies according to this list. In particular, you can help your child before it is too late with this scale, which will allow you to follow objectively your children who do not start preschool education, and meet their needs in a short time.

month - behavior…

1. comprehend an object
2. opens and closes arms
3. pulls on your outfit
4. plays with his hands
5. Extends to hold
6. Takes Objects In Mouth

month - behavior…

7. makes holding and releasing with hands
8. takes two objects from the top of the table
9. Gives Something From One Hand to Another
10. touches and examines objects
11. shakes objects
12. holds with thumb and forefinger

month - behavior…

13. knocks objects together
14. puts out something
15. indicates with index finger
16. throws something in your hand
17. drinks alone cup
18. opens something wrapped in paper

month - behavior…

19. passes a ring into a club
20. puts two cubes on top of each other
21. zipper opens
22. puts grapes into the bottle
23. makes scribbles on paper
24. takes off her clothes

month - behavior…

25. turns the page of a book
26. inserts stick into paper tube
27. removes beads from bottle
28. throws the ball over his head
29. spoons alone
30. puts four cubes on top of each other

month - behavior…

31. pushes necklace into paper tube
32. attaches beads on tele
33. attracts sugar with auxiliary tools
34. can fold paper
35. Pours water from glass to glass
36. draws round shapes

month - behavior…

37. puts on his clothes
38. opens the matchbox
39. opens the packaging of sugar
40. puts eight cubes in a row
41. draws circles by connecting dots
42. holds pencil with his fingers

month - behavior…

43. Wash your hands and dry
44. screws or wrenches
45. makes ball and snake with play dough
46. ​​connects two points with a line
Button 47 opens and opens
48. Cuts with scissors

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