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Global Warming and Its Effects on Children

Global Warming and Its Effects on Children

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Global warming is something we have heard about in recent years. Are we really aware of the danger and are we able to communicate the dimensions of this danger well enough to our children? What are we doing and what do we expect from them to prevent this situation that threatens their future? This week we will address the problem of global warming and think about what you can teach children about it.

Global warming is the term used to describe the increase in heat in the atmosphere and in the oceans, and all of the climate changes caused by this. The main cause of global warming is greenhouse gases (especially carbon dioxide), which are released to the atmosphere intensely, especially in industrialized countries. As a result of the increase in the density of these gases, the sun's rays are kept in the atmosphere more and the temperature of the earth increases. When we think about what can be done to prevent global warming, we can conclude that it is the right decision to take broad measures on the basis of countries. The Kyoto Agreement is the most serious attempt in this direction. It has imposed restrictions on countries' carbon emissions. However, it signs a contract in which a group of countries including Turkey and there are still contributing to global warming.

However, anyone who uses energy produced on earth can reduce the burden on global warming by taking simple individual measures. At this point, as parents and educators, we should first raise our sensitivity and act as an example for children, then tell them the seriousness of the situation and ensure that they take various measures.

If you think “what precautions should we tell our children”; In the light of the information given to UNICEF Children's Councils within the scope of UNICEF's Children's Rights Promotion Campaign, children prepared a Karşı Declaration Against Global Warming ında last March. In this declaration, the children themselves considered what precautions they should take against global warming and listed the following…

What's in the Declaration of Children?

• We should minimize paper output from the printer.
• Greening our environment should become our most important hobby.
• We should not leave computers and televisions in standby mode.
• We should avoid unnecessary water consumption when brushing our teeth and washing our rooms.
• We should avoid unnecessary paper expenditure. We need to create recycle bins.
• We must dispose of waste, that is, paper and bags of food and beverages, in recycling bins.
• We should not use gel.
• We should close the taps when we see them open.
• We must turn off the lights of the rooms where we enter and leave while we are away.
• We should not tear up the pages of our notebooks under any pretext.
• We should use a normal vacuum cleaner instead of a vacuum cleaner.
• We must unplug the remaining electrical goods.
• We should not leave plastic bags, containers, etc. in the ground and reuse them. Plastic doesn't disappear for 1000 years.
• We should not walk lazy places.
• We should pay attention to use public transport.
• After burning a barbecue at the picnic, we must extinguish the fire thoroughly.
• We should use warm water instead of hot water

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