Motherhood with Bihter Dinçel: Moment of birth!

Motherhood with Bihter Dinçel: Moment of birth!

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Successful actor Bihter Dinçel, who has not been in sight for a while, is going to make a name for himself with his book 'Gebeler Balon', which tells about his pregnancy as well as returning to the screens with a new television series. We had a pleasant conversation with Bihter Dinçel about her pregnancy and her 1 year old son Yağmur Ali.

You haven't been around for a long time, what are you doing?
I've been taking care of him since my son was born. I wrote a book with a friend of mine. Although I was taking care of children at home, I was actively continuing my studies. We made a feature film in the summer. Apart from that, I am starting a new television series as of January.

How did you feel when you met your friend after birth?
We met four months after the birth, Ezgi's son's name is Rüzgar Ali, and my son's name is Yağmur Ali. The most beautiful thing we had when we met was to breastfeed each other's son. Old, traditional and beautiful feeling we both experienced. Our children became siblings.

How was your pregnancy?
I had a great pregnancy. I have seen such pregnancies in my immediate surroundings, thank goodness my pregnancy was very good. At first, I was a bit nauseous and there was a sensitivity to odors. Other than that, I had no problems. I swam a lot in the summer, and it made me feel so comfortable.

Did you suffer most at that time?
I was eating everything that was sour.

So everyone thought you were expecting girls.
Yeah. I wanted to sour all the time, so my gums still haven't come back.

What did you want, girl or boy?
I was the one who knew 99 percent of the sex of all pregnant women and how many pounds they would give birth to my own pregnancy. But I couldn't get my own pregnancy. I always thought I'd have a daughter since I was a kid, and then I thought I'd have a daughter when I had gum sensitivity. When we went on the ultrasound, my doctor asked for our estimates. We said “Girl Barış at the same time as Barış, but the doctor said that we would have our son. I never thought I could have a son until then. But as soon as I know that my son will be, I can't tell you. Most of our friends were men, so they made a very serious bet on the set and there were losers.

How was the birth?
I was going to have a normal birth, but at the last minute it was caesarean. Actually, I have a funny story about my birth.

I spent the night before the birth because I wanted to give birth. When I woke up in the morning I felt something different and I slept again saying ”I think I'm giving birth“. When I woke up at 9 in the morning, I went to the hall and said, “Hey everybody, I'm giving birth”. My mother and Barış looked at me and said, “Hahaha what a coincidence we are giving birth ama but I say my water has arrived or something but nobody takes me seriously.

So why?
No one took me seriously because I said ”I'm giving birth G, laughing and chirping in my ears. Finally, I called my doctor and we went to check. Even as the nurse at the hospital was preparing for birth, she asked, mis Are you sure you will give birth to Mrs. Bihter?.. Yeah, I was happy to have it and have my baby. In the meantime, the water in my abdomen was severely exhausted, there was no opening and the chance of normal birth ended. My doctor left the decision to me, so I gave birth by caesarean section. It was a very successful birth.

Has Mr. Baris been born?
No, he didn't. Stressed outside waiting for us. He was more excited than I was.

How did you decide on the name Yağmur Ali?
We decided on this name before we went into caesarean section. Actually, a couple of days ago, we talked about how beautiful the name of Yagmur was, but it was a girl's name. When it comes to putting the name on the agenda, let's turn around and name the baby Ali, what a beautiful name. I was making fun of both simple and simple. On the way to birth in the morning the weather was sunny, before the birth it started to rain. So we decided to put Yağmur Ali.

How much weight did you gain?
I gained 17 kilos, but then I lost 20 kilos.

How did you give it?
I did not do anything. All I did was take care of my child myself and breastfeed. Would recommend to anyone as well. During my breastfeeding, I was very healthy and devoted myself to breastfeeding.

How did the first days go?
The first 40 days, my mother was with me, and then I said to my mother, git You go, let's see what we can do alone, I want to learn.. After my mother left, we looked at Barış together. We took care of everything. Barış does everything I do, and he cannot breastfeed. Apart from that, I made Yağmur Ali sleep on my chest during his infancy. Everyone said he would get used to sleeping like this and he couldn't get away with it, but when the time came, we realized he wanted to sleep in his own bed. When we were seven months old, we reserved the room, so everything was as it should be. Last summer we had a holiday as a family of three, we did not take any help. Barış and I took care of everything. We did not fall back from our trip, but we did not leave our children at that time. I think it's important to appreciate the babies' time, because this time passes so quickly.

What kind of mother did you become?
I thought I was going to be a relaxed mother, but I was worried about whether I would really be comfortable after the baby came into my lap. But I have noticed that I am a comfortable but caring and careful mother since the birth of Yağmur Ali.Conversation: Contact Müge directly
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