How safe are children's toys?

How safe are children's toys?

How limited was the variety of toys in the past? Colored rattles, soft rabbits or dogs that make a sound when pressed lar Toys, which were considered as a tool that distracted children in the past, are now accepted as educational tools. Toys are now classified according to the development of the baby from birth, and the toys are more educative than the ustur silencer ”.

As soon as babies are born, they discover the world with sensory organs. Thanks to the toys that took the most time in their early years, they started to get to know themselves and the outside world. Toys allow babies to feel safe, learn by touch and vision, and develop their mobility and dexterity. The important thing is to choose the right toy for the age and development capacity of the child, never to force the child or to distract them with very simple toys. Because games and toys are the most important things that the child does.

Another point to consider when choosing toys is whether the toys are safe or not. Especially babies are very curious to discover new things. A toy that is not suitable for your baby can be very dangerous for him. Therefore, babies under the age of 1 should be more careful when choosing toys.

Choosing Toys…

Make sure that the toys do not have protrusions or sharp edges.

Soft toys may appear safe but may be dangerous to your baby if the toy's eyes or nose are not fixed.

Toys with rounded edges, hand-sized or larger can be given until you learn that your baby should not insert foreign objects into her mouth.

The pieces of the piece toys you buy should be too big to swallow.

Attention should be paid to the age group warning on small piece toy boxes.

Toys made of metal or rigid plastic should not be purchased.

No smelling toys should be taken. Because after a while the smell or drowsiness may make habit.

Toys with exposed motors must not be taken. Children should not be given toys such as electric trains without safety precautions.

Toys that create heat and require heat should not be given.

For children under five years of age, all toys painted, sprayed and polished should be warned that the amount of lead used in paints does not exceed 1 percent or is non-toxic.

The ribbons on the soft toys must be removed. It can be dangerous for your curious baby.

Hang the crib toys with a very short rope and remove them when the child revolts, because the child can hang on it to stand up.

Do not let your baby suck the furry toys. In children under one year of age, swallowing these feathers can create great hazards.

Check the toys frequently and discard the broken ones.

Replace all batteries of battery toys at the same time, as powerful batteries keep the toy running, while weak batteries can become very hot or leak, creating a hazard.

No matter how safe the toys are, you can still keep an eye on your baby while playing with his toys.

Security in Playground

When your baby was little, you chose safe toys and you were comfortable, but did you think that there might be some dangers in the park where your baby gets a little older? The playgrounds bring great dangers while preparing the environment for children's entertainment. In the parks where children play, some rules must be followed for their safety. Playgrounds such as slides, seesaws and swings in the parks are not very safe for children. Children often want to swing too quickly on a swing; in this case the mother should restrain the child. In the same way, the mother can slow down her speed by keeping her to avoid hurting the mischievous descendants. If she is seesaw, she must make sure that the child sitting on the other side is proportionate to her own child. Wearing bandages, alcohol or cologne in the mother's bag on the way to the park may be useful for minor accidents.

Game Security

The playground where you take your child should be free of pebbles, stones and the like and covered with fine and soft sand.

The swing, seesaw and slide should form a triangle in the sandy area of ​​the park. If the area of ​​the park is small, it can be dangerous for children who want to play in the sand. Therefore, there must be a distance of at least three meters between the game tools.

Keep children away from damaged or rusted play tools.

The length of the steps and sets in play tools should be wide and long enough that the child's head or body cannot enter between two steps or spaces.

Make sure that the slide is secure. The angle of the steepest part of the slide should not exceed 50 degrees. The place where the child lands must be large enough to allow him / her to fall properly.

The seat of the control arm must be made of plastic, rubber or other soft material. Materials such as wood or metal can cause damage to the child.

Play tools should have short-handrails to prevent children from falling.

Children should play with their peers in playgrounds.

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