Why Eye Irritation in Children?

Why Eye Irritation in Children?

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Eye watering in children is one of the most common eye problems… Yeditepe University Hospital Ophthalmology specialist. Dr. Contact Ferda directly gave the following information:

In which situations can children's eyes be irrigated?

Various reasons in children eye-waterable. Tear duct obstruction, structural disorders of the eyelids, glaucoma (eye pressure) disease, eye scratches or foreign body leakage can be indicated by irrigation.

What should be done about the child with irrigated eyes?

Cover layout is broken; If irritation causes eye damage in children with inward or outward-facing lids, early treatment is necessary. If treatment is delayed, it may result in signs that may threaten vision. Surgical treatment corrects the valve

Another cause is congenital tear duct obstruction. The tear gland is producing enough but the tear flows to the face if the duct is clogged. In newborns, the channels through which the tear flows to the nose may be closed. It usually opens itself every few months. In the early period (the first 12 months), massage can be provided and antibiotic drops can be treated in case of infection. It is important that the massage is done correctly during this period. In neglected and / or inadequately treated patients, continuous infection may affect other areas of the eye. In this case and watering up to 1 year, probing should be applied to the channel. If watering continues; probing can be repeated. A silicone tube can also be applied to the duct. 95% success is achieved with this application.

What is the Place of Drug Use in Grooving?

In children with frequent infections due to duct obstruction, continuous use of antibiotics is not the solution, the obstructed duct should be opened. If the canal is not opened and held at the age of 1, the chance of success of the surgery decreases.

In what other cases will the child's eyes be irrigated?

Sometimes infants can become obstructed with cystic formation, in which case it is necessary to open the duct by probing without waiting, otherwise it leads to infection, treatment becomes difficult.
In addition, congenital glaucoma (eye pressure) may present with a watering table. Eye-drawn or foreign body fugitive watering is also an important symptom in children. All these pictures require immediate treatment.

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