Başak Köklükaya talks about motherhood

Başak Köklükaya talks about motherhood

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One of the undisputed most successful players is Virgo Köklükaya. It's normal you haven't seen him in a long time, because he's raising his son, Ali. We heard the motherhood adventures of Başak Köklükaya, who gave her first interview with her 22-month-old son, and a very enjoyable interview came out.You haven't seen you in a long time, what are you doing?

After learning that I was pregnant with Ali and from my birth, I started living a little isolated. By isolated, it didn't mean hiding or closing. I just wanted to live this time more calm, peaceful and enjoying.How many years after marriage did you decide to have a baby?We married Mehmet in 2003, but before that we had a long relationship. In 2011, Ali was born. My wife wanted to have children more than I do, and she's pretty good with kids. But I couldn't afford it. Maybe I was terrified of being responsible. Because we have a spontaneous and unplanned life; one evening during a chat and the next day we decided to travel by car is too much.

How did you know you were pregnant?In 2010 we opened a restaurant in America. When I was there, I became very emotional and turned into an unhappy woman crying for everything. Meanwhile, I noticed a mass in my chest. I immediately called my doctor, who told me to wait for a while, sometimes hormones can cause such temporary things. A wolf fell into me and I decided to do a pregnancy test. That's how I found out I was pregnant. I was very surprised.How was your pregnancy?The first 4 months have been very difficult, I have had too much nausea. I was even sick of the smell of water. I could only eat sour apples, as if everything smelled sonunda At the end of the fourth month all these complaints ended. During this period, I was worried if anything would happen to my baby because I couldn't eat properly, but my doctor comforted me. And then I've taken better care of myself than I've ever looked after myself; I was very well fed, I stayed away from stress. Pregnancy is both a very special and miraculous thing and just as ordinary. Because millions of women in the world are getting pregnant and giving birth, as well as feeling the kicking of the baby.How was the birth?I gave birth normally. In the seventh month of my pregnancy, I watched all kinds of births online. As a result, I decided to have a normal birth. Ali was born a week late. One evening when I was at home, I started to get in pain, we went to the hospital and Ali was born in as little as half an hour.
 Has your wife gone into labor?Yeah, he did. In fact, Mehmet does not tolerate seeing blood, but our doctor encouraged him, he decided to enter the line. During birth, I asked Mehmet once or twice if he was okay. When I knew you were okay, I was totally focused on giving birth. Ali was born 4 pounds 120 grams. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first held them.Have you had a puerperium?The first 40 days are really miraculous. The fear of how to look at the first days swept. But it went too quickly. During this period, I especially took care to be calm and not to experience stress. My only fear was that my milk was stopped for any reason.How did you lose 30 pounds?I didn't do anything, frankly. But breastfeeding really helps. Other than that, the weather was nice, I put Ali in his car and took very long walks.What made you the hardest in 22 months?Believe me, nothing did. Even the gas pains in the infants in the first months were not a problem. She was a very comfortable baby. He adapted to life very quickly. Everything is coming and going, I think there is nothing to be exaggerated.Can you describe motherhood?I think it's a remorse that will never end until motherhood dies. After I became a mother, I wish I had an early child. Like every mother, I want everything to be the best for my child. I have some good dreams about him, but it doesn't mean that he has to have a good CV and teach him in very good schools. All I want is for him to be really happy and to be happy.Did Virgo Köklükaya change since she became a mother?After becoming pregnant and having children, I discovered myself better. I feel strong, I can do anything. I've been more patient, tolerant, softened.Conversation View Müge's Full Profile Photo Contact Tuna directly

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