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Capricorn features

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Capricorn gains communication power
Love, money and career will be with you for a few years. The goal has been reached on issues such as marriage or a serious partnership, friendships are being deepened.

This year Capricorns tend to deal with 'deep' issues: life after death, past lives. It is also possible to make changes in your physics. You have to be very careful about health because the planets behind you don't have strong support. Your career went well last year, now it's time to pay for the success of your career. You need a social life and friendships that your career requires.

Home and family matters
In 2006, home and family issues will not take up your life. Let's just add it right away, if this situation reaches the size of indifference, you may experience quite a bit of trouble.

If you intend to build, choose between June 3 to July 21 or October 23 to November 21. May 5-29 is the best time for those who want to redecorate their home or buy art.

Capricorns may experience unpleasant surprises about family elders this year. Those who have adult children also expect problems; young people may want to change their living conditions. You have to convince them to think a little more cool.

Love and social life
In the past years, you must have met many expectations for love and the romantic world. So romance is not your top priority. You will experience the real social mobility in the sense of friendship and you will truly have happy days.

For those who are single and who do not have a relationship, friendship will come to the fore. You will have new friends, you will take part in group activities and organizations. Your new friends will also be strong people in the spiritual aspect. Friendship is not enough for me, not necessarily love if you say, gaze at the summer. You can experience romance from 21 June to 2 August. Do not expect a stormy romance this year, those who have a second marriage, enjoy your marriage instead.

Finance and career
Money is always important to you. In the last few years, you have experienced a period in which you attach more importance to money. This trend will continue next year. Your job is not easy, but thanks to your serious interest in this, you will overcome difficulties.

There is harmony between your intellectual interests and your communication with others. Communication is also important in making money. You can even invest in areas such as communication, media and transportation, and get customers from these sectors. Participate in a training event and meet people who are important to your business life. You can invest in film, video and photography. You may need to pay more attention to the tax issue. It is highly likely that you will inherit or collect money through insurance. Good news for those who are waiting for money to grow the business: this year or next year you will receive money. isfrom.

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