Relaxing suggestions for summer pregnant women!

Relaxing suggestions for summer pregnant women!

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- From the months of pregnancy, women are affected by the heat. What are the discomforts and actions to be taken during this period?

For pregnant women whose body temperatures are rising, their scales and blood volumes are increasing and their lung capacities are shrinking, it is even more important to protect them from heat. Hypotension, especially in the first half of pregnancy, is a common complaint. Loss of fluid caused by heat and sweating during the summer months can cause unconsciousness if not replaced. Therefore, as always, drinking 1.5 - 2 liters of liquid, especially water, is of greater importance during pregnancy. Drinking a small amount of water at frequent intervals and eating food prevents the formation of a liquid shortage; as well as hypoglycemia - low blood sugar - can also be seen due to discomfort. Taking advantage of the blessings of the summer months, it is the healthiest to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables. It is also very important to get enough protein and calcium for the baby's development. Summer does not pass without freezing. Pregnant women should be careful, two living, the baby wanted to keep in mind the possibility of diabetes mothers who consume excessive. Since gastric emptying time is prolonged during pregnancy, it is necessary to avoid foods that are difficult to digest, fry, overly fatty and sugary foods.
Why does edema occur during pregnancy?

With the increase in blood volume and vascular permeability during pregnancy, edema in the feet and legs reaches discomforting dimensions.
What would you recommend to mothers with edema?

Pregnant women may not find shoes to wear at home when the expansion of the veins is added with the effect of payment temperatures. Sodium-salt intake should be taken into consideration while paying attention to fluid intake. No strict salt restriction should be made, but excessive salty foods such as salty snacks, processed foods and delicatessen should not be preferred. Since standing, sitting or staying in the sun for a long time can increase the edema, avoiding staying in the sun between 11.00-16.00 in the middle of the day, taking short walks and raising the feet in case of edema are among the measures that can be taken.
Would you recommend swimming to pregnant women?

If there is no complication of pregnancy such as bleeding, threat of miscarriage, high blood pressure or preterm birth, swimming is a good way to combat heat with the prerequisite that the sea or pool is clean until the last month. In addition, being active during pregnancy regulates blood sugar, increases the use of oxygen, maintains balance in weighing and facilitates normal birth.

How should pregnant women dress in summer?

Pregnant lady's clothing, feet, so as not to increase the blood pool, knees, hips and waist should be comfortable, in summer, according to the need to be added to the feature should be composed of thin layers. Skin is prone to staining during pregnancy and pregnancy mask called chloasma during pregnancy can cause cosmetic problems even after pregnancy. Sun increases the formation of spotting. Never be exposed to direct sunlight in the middle of the day; In addition, long sun baths and solariums are not recommended, since the mother's body temperature may increase and harm the developing baby. In short, pregnant women should avoid the sun, drink plenty of water and enjoy the sea.

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