Your 5 1/2-year-old: Bragging

Your 5 1/2-year-old: Bragging

Your 5-year-old now

"I can hit the ball better than that," your child boasts to his friend. Or "I can count to 100, too." What's going on? When did he become such a show-off?

One-upping is a normal tendency at this age. Your child is the center of his world right now — and he's feeling pretty good about all the skills he's mastering. His boasting is mainly an expression of self-confidence.

If self-praise becomes a chronic habit, point out that his friends might see too much discussion of his skills as bragging, which people don't like. Show him that he can be confident in his own gifts while also proud of others' accomplishments. Offer lots of positive reinforcement to reassure him that you know he's talented and smart. Compliment him when he congratulates his sister on her soccer championship, for example, or lauds a friend for perfecting his wheelie.

Your life now

Parenting is a joy when you're all having a good time or your child does or says something wonderful. But when you have to raise your voice or lower the boom on a misdeed? Not so much.

Don't feel guilty, though, when your child forces you to be a firm disciplinarian. Not even when he bursts into tears or stoutly declares, "You're so mean!" Nowhere in the job description of parent does it say that you're responsible for making everybody happy all the time.

Your responsibility is to raise a kind, happy, healthy person. And sometimes — quite often, in fact — that involves setting standards and laying down the law.

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