Getting your baby to sleep: Products that help

Getting your baby to sleep: Products that help

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"How's your baby sleeping?" It's an innocent enough question – unless you happen to have a baby who wakes up every time you pick up the TV remote control or settle into bed yourself, or one that takes endless hours of rocking, bouncing, nursing, or strolling to drop off. It's a particularly fraught question to ask during the daylight savings transition times, when the whole family's schedule shifts, and babies may fall asleep or wake up at inconvenient times.

If that's the case, take heart. Those sleepless nights only seem like they'll last forever. Here's how to encourage your baby to sleep well, including products that can help.

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  • Soothing bedtime stories

    Goodnight Moon

    The best bedtime stories are rhythmic and include lots of repetition. They're the ones that you find yourself memorizing and almost chanting to your baby (which, beware, can make you sleepy, too!). Some winners for your going-to-bed library include Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown; Counting Kisses: A Kiss-and-Read Book, by Karen Katz; and Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney.

    Tip: Read bedtime stories in the room your baby sleeps in. That way, the last part of each night's routine is in her sleep environment.

    Available at Amazon

  • Glider or rocker

    DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider with Bonus Ottoman

    Few pieces of baby gear will get more use than a comfortable glider or rocking chair. It can become an essential part of your nightly routine, whether you and your child just rock, glide, or read your favorite bedtime story in it. A well-made rocker or glider is something you'll continue to use for years after the baby swing, bouncy seat, and highchair – and your baby's bedtime routine – have been retired.

    Available at Walmart starting at $299.00

  • Baby Relax Addison Swivel Gliding Recliner

    With soft-as-velvet fabric, a smooth recline, and sleek looks that don't scream "baby on board," the Baby Relax Addison Swivel Gliding Recliner is a nursery workhorse that will soothe you and your baby innumerable times.

    Available at Walmart starting at $389.99

  • A baby monitor

    Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor

    A monitor can help you avoid going in to check on your baby unnecessarily. You can choose the most basic model, a simple transmitter that picks up his coos and cries and sends them to a receiver that you can place in any room in your home. Or try a fancier model with features such as a thermometer to let you know the temperature in your baby's room, a viewing screen, so you can keep an eye on him from anywhere in the house, or one of the modern monitors that tracks your baby’s oxygen and heart rate, like the Owlet, the winner of the most recent our site Moms’ Picks.

    Available at Amazon starting at $299.00

  • White noise and other soothing sounds

    HoMedics Sound Spa

    The monotonous noise of a machine such as a fan or a humidifier helps drown out potentially distracting noises, from doorbells and telephones to siblings and barking animals. And some babies find the repetitive sounds comforting. You'll also find devices that make noises like ocean waves, a heartbeat, or crickets. Some even come disguised as cuddly bears or woolly sheep and make sounds similar to what your baby heard in the womb. This HoMedics Sound Spa is beloved for its soothing noises of rain and the seaside.

    Available at Target starting at $24.99

  • Hatch Baby Rest

    Control both sound and light in your baby's room from your smartphone with this modern machine, which offers lots of options so you can mix up the visuals and noises, or stick to tried-and-true favorites. The Rest makes nature noises (ocean, bird songs) or white noise, and the light can fade from hue to hue, or glow steadily in a single color. As your baby gets older, program the light or sound to come on at a particular time to tell your child it's time to get up.

    Available at Amazon starting at $59.99

  • Get the temperature right

    Hudson Baby Boy and Girl Jersey Cotton Sleeping Bag

    If you think your baby needs a layer in addition to her sleeper, try a "wearable blanket" – a sort of sleeping bag that's designed to keep your baby warm but not overly confined. It's sleeveless, so your baby's arms are free. And it's closed across the bottom so – unlike a loose blanket – it can't be kicked off or slip up and cover your baby's head (a risk factor for SIDS). Handy zippers make it easy to slip on and off for middle-of-the-night diaper changes. You'll probably want to put a long-sleeved bodysuit on your baby underneath the bag, unless it's a warm night and she seems comfortable with bare arms.

    To ease the shock of a cold crib sheet, heat up a microwavable bean bag-type heating pad or fill a hot water bottle with warm (not hot) water and place it in the crib 20 minutes or so before bedtime. Remove it before putting your baby in her cozy, pre-warmed bed. A flannel sheet also offers a warmer surface than a regular sheet.

    Available at Walmart starting at $11.98

  • Keep your baby close by

    HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Luxe Plus Series Bassinet

    Many parents like having their baby with them in their room, especially for the first few months. It makes nighttime feedings easier, and it's reassuring to have your new baby close at hand.

    A bassinet or cradle can help. Your baby can sleep in a traditional cradle or a bassinet: a small bed, often on wheels, intended for the youngest babies. You can place a bassinet like this Halo Bassinest in your room, or anywhere in the house.

    Available at Amazon starting at $329.99

  • Chicco LullaGo Portable Bassinet

    Tip: If you decided to put your baby to sleep in a bassinet in your room, keep a basket filled with diaper-changing supplies and a clean set of pajamas in your bedroom so you don't have to pick your baby up and carry him to his room for middle-of-the-night changes.

    This Chicco LullaGo Portable Bassinet is small and light enough to take almost anywhere, and snuggles up close to your bed to minimize the number of times your feet have to hit the cold middle-of-the-night floor.

    Available at Walmart starting at $119.99

  • Help your baby soothe herself to sleep

    Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Projection Crib Mobile, Precious Planet

    Many experts – and experienced parents – recommend putting your baby to bed drowsy but awake, to help her learn to go to sleep on his own. One way to smooth the transition between your arms and sleep is to make sure your baby has something to look at as she falls asleep.

    A mobile or nightlight can be helpful. "Babies love to have something to look at from the crib," says Mindell. There are dozens of products that will "entertain" your baby in her bed, from aquariums (you can buy light-up pretend ones if you're not ready for the real thing) to nightlights that display star shows on the ceiling and basic mobiles that play music and spin.

    Tip: When your baby can sit up, you'll need to remove the mobile from her crib. You should be able to hang it from the ceiling, well out of reach, so she can still look at it, or over the changing table to help keep her from wiggling during diaper changes.

    Available at Amazon starting at $59.99

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