How is the baby weaned?

How is the baby weaned?

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How is the baby weaned?

American Hospital, newborn department breast-feeding consultant nurse Beyhan Numan, baby information about the cutting of the breast shared.

The biggest gift a mother can give to her baby breast milk and is breastfeeding her baby.There is no time limit for the baby to be discontinued. There are two important factors. Both the baby and the mother should be prepared for this. It is known that babies should be breastfed for at least 1 year and for 2 years according to the World Organization (WHO, UNICEF).

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His baby To cut from the nozzle steel and nerve and patience is required. It is normal for mothers to feel guilty during this period. Because the mother gets back the gift she gave.

The baby should not be cut too suddenly from the breast. Cutting the baby from the breast is not a procedure that can be performed in one day. It should be done slowly.

This is the most accurate for both the mother and the baby. Care should be taken that breast-cutting is not associated with significant changes in the life of the baby and when the baby is ill.

What are the ways to wean the baby? You can watch our video.

from the breast If the cut occurs in a day the baby may be restless and unhappy. Your mother's breasts will swell and fever.

Fullness and obstruction of the breasts may develop and antibiotic use may be required. If the obstructions are not opened, surgery can be performed. The baby should be discontinued by reducing breastfeeding sessions and shortening breastfeeding times.

One of the most important points to be considered is to reduce the daytime sessions first and then to the nighttime sessions. If you are not successful in any way, your baby is not ready.

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