7 adorable animal costumes for your baby this Halloween

7 adorable animal costumes for your baby this Halloween

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  • There's nothing better than seeing tiny babies dressed up for Halloween! Fluffy lambs ... snuggly bears ... adorable mice. ... I mean, babies are cute in anything, but they're dangerously cute in costumes. Here are seven adorable animal costumes, both wild and domestic, for your sweet little boo.

  • Fox

    This is one of my favorites simply because you don't see too many fox costumes. Pop on these pj's, pull up the hood, and you're set. If your little fox is going to be out on a chilly Halloween night, she can easily wear layers underneath.

    Newborn baby fox hooded playsuit

  • Lamb

    What's cuter than a fluffy little lamb? Almost nothing, that’s what. This would be fun to pair with a giant, poufy bridesmaid’s dress (from the back of your closet or the thrift store) to go as Little Bo Peep and her sheep.

    Lucky Little Lamb Costume

  • Tiger

    Rawr! This tiger costume comes with an orange and black jumpsuit (with a furry white tummy, of course) and a tail. It also includes booties (with paw prints on the bottom!) and a separate tiger cub hood.

    Tiny Tiger Halloween Costume for Babies

  • Cow

    Technically, this costume is for babies, so the correct term for it would be a calf costume, yes? Regardless, these fuzzy pajamas are the entire costume in one piece – simple for dressing squirmy babies. It's also extra warm for chilly fall evenings.

    Unisex Halloween costumes – one-piece cow

  • Mouse

    This costume can be layered over a gray or white bodysuit and leggings for cold Halloween nights, or worn with just the bodysuit in warmer parts of the country. Either way, those giant ears are the adorable focal points of the costume. There are tons of ideas for a family theme – such as cat and dog ears for parents, overalls like the Farmer in the Dell, or a cheese hat.

    Dress-up mouse costume

  • Piglet

    This little piggy went trick-or-treating, and this little piggy stayed home. Whatever you do, your little piglet is sure to be comfy and warm in this pajama jumpsuit with a pig-snout hood!

    Piggy pajama onesie

  • Deer

    This is another all-in-one costume I think is really unique – I've never seen a baby dressed as a deer, but it's just darling. I mean ... tiny little antlers! The hooves also mean little hands and feet won't be out in the cold if you're going to be outside on a cool night. Just zip them up in it like any other one-piece garment and go!

    Infant Baby Deer Costume

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