Moms' Picks: Best baby gates and safety gates

Moms' Picks: Best baby gates and safety gates

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  • Sturdy, simple to install, easy for grown-ups to latch, and safe for roaming babies: These are the features that give these safety gates the highest marks.

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  • Moms' Picks Winner

    Make nearly any space baby friendly with the Babies R Us Play Yard, which is freestanding and weather resistant. It comes with six outdoor stakes and no-slip floor pads, and the tall sides help keep your little one safely inside it, whether you're indoors or out. It's easy to transport and awesome for travel; just pack it up and carry using the handle.

  • Moms' Picks Finalist

    The pressure-mounted Dreambaby Chelsea Xtra-Tall Auto Close Security Gate has extra height to keep your kids safe. It has double locks that adults can open with one hand, but kids can't. Plus, the auto-close and lock feature shows a red light when the lock isn't secure, giving parents extra peace of mind.

  • Moms' Picks Finalist

    The Evenflo Easy Walk-Thru Gate is a simple-to-install pressure gate that won't damage door frames. A simple squeeze-and-slide motion opens the gate, and the red/green indicator shows if it's properly locked. Move it to any doorway to keep your baby secure in any part of the house.

  • Moms' Picks Finalist

    The Munchkin Auto Close gate comes fully assembled with two extensions for large doorways or stairwells. This simple system has a self-closing hinge that uses gravity to close the door by itself, and its double-locking feature is easy for adults to use while keeping little ones out.

  • Moms' Picks Finalist

    The stylish Munchkin Push to Close Wood gate features a quick-release design that makes the hardware-mounted system easy to remove and move. Its simple push-to-close feature allows the gate to lock easily, making it perfect for the top or bottom of stairs.

  • Moms' Picks Finalist

    The Munchkin Quick baby gate uses pressure installation and a one-handed locking mechanism that installs in seconds. Its plastic arm provides a more seamless fit than many wood locking arms, and the quick-release lever remembers doorway widths for ease of use between rooms. It works in doorways and hallways 26 to 42 inches wide, so your little one stays safe in nearly any space.

  • Moms' Picks Finalist

    The Summer Infant Custom Fit Walk-Thru Gate has several panels to fit a variety of openings ranging from 65 to 143 inches. The chic gray mesh gate features easy one-handed open-and-close operation, and multiple systems can be put together to create a freestanding play yard.

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