Setting up a mom-friendly nursery

Setting up a mom-friendly nursery

  • With feedings, diaper changes, and midnight soothing sessions, all parents log serious hours in the nursery. These 10 additions – ranging from the right chair to a phone-charging dock – will make the space as welcoming for you as for your baby.

    By Amy St. Clair DiLaura

  • Seriously comfortable seating

    A cushioned glider that supports your arms and back is the perfect spot to snuggle with your baby. A matching ottoman makes lounging even comfier. Choose a glider that suits your grown-up style so that you can move it into the living room once your baby is older. For tips on finding the right chair for you, see our guide on how to buy a rocker or glider.

    Baby Relax Kelcie Swivel Glider and Ottoman, price varies

  • Supportive pillow for feeding

    A firm pillow helps position your baby for feeding, easing the burden on your shoulders and back. It's particularly handy during the early days of breastfeeding or bottle feeding, when you and your baby are still figuring it out. A our site Moms' Picks winner, Boppy gets the nod from moms in the know.

    Boppy Slipcovered Pillow, $40

  • Phone-charging dock

    Put lullabies – as well as grown-up music, audiobooks, or podcasts – within easy reach with a docking station for your phone. No need to hunt down a charger to resuscitate a dead phone. A dock gives you instant, one-handed access to power and a convenient battery charge.

    iPhone Lightning Dock, $49

    Stylish phone charging docks, price varies

  • Dimmable lighting

    A dimmable lamp offers a soft glow for checking on your baby and brighter light for diaper changes, reading, or playtime. Safety tip: Keep the cord secured well out of your baby's reach.

    Pablo Sophie Table Lamp, $90

  • Grown-up water bottle

    Drinking enough water can help new parents fight fatigue. If you're breastfeeding, you'll need to drink even more. These sleek carafes keep water cool for hours. For bonus style points, choose a color to complement your baby's nursery palette.

    S’ip by S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle, $20 - $25

  • Soft, warm throw

    A cozy throw adds some color to the nursery decor and will keep you warm during a nighttime feeding or rocking. Look for one that's machine washable, of course. (And keep blankets out of your baby's crib.)

    L.L.Bean Wicked Plush Throw, $30

  • Soothing mist humidifier

    A cool-mist humidifier can help ease coughs and congestion, and it’s good for dry skin. Plus, the quiet hum is very calming for everyone in the room. The end result: a more comfortable environment for both you and your baby. Select from a menagerie of adorable animals.

    Crane Humidifiers, price varies

  • Stylish mobile

    Your baby won't be the only one gazing up at the ceiling. Whether you're feeding, rocking, or dozing (we told you that glider was comfortable), these delicate balloons introduce a relaxing element of whimsy. Prefer a nature theme? Consider floating delicate birds.

    Balloon Mobile, $36

  • Soothing salve

    A nursing mom might buy this herbal cream to soothe sore nipples, but parents will reach for it again and again for dry lips, cracked hands, or even a baby's diaper rash. Think of it as a gift to your (and your baby's) skin.

    Motherlove Nipple Cream, $11

  • Baby logbook

    An activity log helps you track your baby's schedule, so you won't have to worry about remembering what time the last feeding or diaper change was. If a daily journal seems like too big an obligation, consider taking notes on a wall calendar instead – an even easier place to note milestones.

    Pearhead Baby's Daily Logbook, $13


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