11 fun summer fashion finds for babies

11 fun summer fashion finds for babies

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  • Lighten up!

    It's hot out there, baby! Summer is in full swing and new styles are hitting the stores. Lightweight fabrics are the key to keeping your baby comfortable. And a mix of colors, prints, and mix-and-match options keeps it fun.

  • This year and next

    This peasant dress is a baby summer wardrobe staple – and pretty irresistible. Best of all, you won't have to part with it after one season. Your little one can wear it as a top next year over stretchy pants.

  • Many pieces for maximum versatility

    This sweet, striped set is layering perfection. Use the hat and pants for the cooler days and just the one-piece bodysuit, by itself, as the temperature rises. Add the matching socks to max out the cuteness!

  • From day to night

    A beautiful, soothing print on a cozy cotton gown. It won’t make middle-of-the-night diaper changes fun, but they should be easier with the elasticized bottom – and it certainly is sweet.

  • A head-to-toe special look

    Shopping for a special outing with friends or relatives? They won’t be able to stop snapping pics when your little one is in this head-to-toe ensemble.

  • Bright and bold

    Bright colors are an instant pick-me-up for your little one's spring wardrobe.

  • An oldie but goodie

    Go retro with a dress you grew up in. The OshKosh B'gosh jean jumper gets an update with an adorable bicycle print and bright orange sash.

  • Unique prints are always in style

    The prints of beloved artist, Wayne Pate make their way to clothing this season. Not cheap, it’s true, but buy one (or put it on your baby’s wish list) and wear it to pieces.

  • High quality and style in one

    A pair of booties that stay put is essential. We flipped over this star-studded set from new-to-us French brand, Easy Peasy. A definite hand-me-down for siblings to come.

  • Floral and fabulous

    What's summer without a sweet sundress? The soft palette and floral accent makes this appropriate for any occasion from brunch to a day at the beach.

  • Classic is in

    Your little man and this striped polo shirt are the perfect combination of cute and comfortable. Wear the shirt with pants, shorts, or just a diaper.

  • Simply irresistible

    Ruffly bloomers! A treat for spring and summer – plus, they’ll make you smile. Pair any of the colorful and interesting patterns with a white T-shirt or tank.

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