Is it OK to go on vacation while pregnant?

Is it OK to go on vacation while pregnant?

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What should be considered in the selection of the holiday venue?For pregnant women, the choice of holiday venue is very important. Regardless of the period of pregnancy, extremely hot and high altitude areas are not suitable for the mother and the baby's health. Pregnant mothers who want to take vacation abroad do not prefer less developed countries is useful. In underdeveloped countries, medical facilities are insufficient and microbial diseases seen in these countries may adversely affect the health of mother and baby.What problems are most likely to come on holiday?Generally, one of the most common problems faced by mothers during the holiday is microbial diarrhea. Diarrhea that causes excessive fluid loss can endanger the health of both the mother and the baby. Candidates with diarrhea should never use drugs or antibiotics beyond the doctor's control. In case of diarrhea, the pregnant woman should immediately consult a doctor and take appropriate measures.What precautions can be taken to avoid getting sick during the holidays?Pregnant mothers should pay particular attention to food and drink. Keep away from food and drinks sold outdoors. Especially in the case of drinking water, water sold in closed packages should be preferred. It is useful to consume the water without ice because the ice added into the water is usually prepared from the mains water. Care should be taken not to eat food that needs to be washed in plenty of water, such as salads. In addition, undercooked meat and mayonnaise, such as raw eggs in the food should be avoided. Constipation is one of the problems that pregnant women frequently experience during their holidays. To prevent constipation, it is recommended that mothers consume fiber foods.Measures to be taken before going on holiday include exploring the features of the resort. The medical facilities of the preferred area or place should be investigated in advance. In case of any problem or in case of emergency, it is useful to determine which health institution you can apply to in advance. In addition, it is very important to have a document showing your blood type for emergency cases, a list of medications used constantly, information about this if you are allergic, medical records of pregnancy and contact numbers of your doctor.Who is a risky holiday during pregnancy?Pregnant women with chronic diseases belonging to other organ systems are at risk group for miscarriage, cervical insufficiency, history of ectopic pregnancy, history of premature birth, vaginal bleeding, risk of miscarriage, multiple pregnancy, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease. These pregnant women are not recommended to travel to remote places or abroad.What should be considered when traveling by car and train?The most important problem in transportation vehicles such as cars and trains is the circulation problems that occur as a result of sitting for a long time. It is useful for mothers who will travel by car to choose a seat that they can feel comfortable with. It is necessary to support the back and neck areas with a small pillow and wear the seat belt so as not to tighten the abdomen. During your journey, you should have plenty of liquids in the foods you can snack with. Take frequent breaks while traveling to meet your toilet needs. Postponing the need for a toilet can lead to urinary tract infection. Also, do not forget to walk during breaks to balance circulation. To protect yourself and your baby during the ride, wear a safety belt. It is also beneficial for mothers who travel with the train to walk and regulate their circulation in the same way. You can choose to sit close to the toilet in order to meet your toilet needs easily while traveling on the train.What should be considered during the flight?In the first two trimesters of pregnancy, air travel has no harm for prospective mothers. However, it is essential to get a doctor's check and get approval before the trip. Pregnant mothers who want to travel in the last period of pregnancy, the airline company should learn about all the practices for pregnant passengers. You must obtain a permit from your doctor between 28 and 36 weeks of pregnancy. As of the 36th week, expectant mothers are generally not allowed to fly. Small airplanes are not suitable for pregnant women because pressure changes cause an early burst of the water sac. Try to consume plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration during the journey. When traveling by air, it is important to move around every half hour and move your legs. It is useful to have your seat belt fastened during the flight.Travel to the tropics and vaccinationDue to infectious diseases, pregnant women are not allowed to go to tropical regions at any time. It is not recommended for mothers to travel to such areas, especially because malaria triggers miscarriage and premature birth. Pregnant mothers are not offered a live virus vaccine during pregnancy. However, your doctor will make the final decision about the vaccine. Therefore, before going on holiday, you should always ask your doctor about the vaccine.In which cases should you see a doctor urgently?· Vaginal bleeding, · Severe abdominal pain, · Excessive vomiting, · Swelling in the body, · Severe headache, · Diarrhea, · Fever, · Reduction of baby's movements should be consulted as soon as possible.

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