When kids dress themselves

When kids dress themselves

  • Who's got the look?

    Whether it's the bold use of color or the smashing contrast of rain boots with swimwear, the innate fashion sense of children is nothing short of fabulous. Here's the cream of the crop of this year's fashion-forward looks.

  • This season, business casual is taking a bold direction

  • Whether morning or night, the sleepy engineer look is always in style

  • Shameless femininity is back, especially after daycare

  • Pink, brown, and Pooh has been hot all year long

  • Taking liberties with how things are worn is a hallmark of today's new looks

  • Subtle touches, like a knit cap with antennae accents, make all the difference

  • Small details like a gift-wrap ribbon not only look great, they say you recycle, too

  • Commitment to color can be key

  • Never be afraid to wear what your sibling was wearing

  • Good things come in threes

  • Bold graphics and the right handbag say you mean business

  • Rain boots ... Need we say more?

  • Actually, yes, we can say more about rain boots: They go with anything!

  • Sometimes the right hat can make all the difference

  • The flapper-Annie Hall-ballerina look took Paris by storm this year

  • Watch the video: Dad Saves His Little Girl! Surf and Swim Lessons Routine in Hawaii. (December 2021).

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