Great holiday 2018 gifts for babies

Great holiday 2018 gifts for babies

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Your new baby's so adorable that you'll want to buy everything you see at the toy store. Most of the toys you probably remember from your own childhood are still out of reach for a while yet. Instead, give your baby playthings that encourage developing senses, and encourage her to listen, sing, imitate, and reach out and grab.


1. A stacking toy: Many-into-one is a concept that fascinates babies for a good long time. The colorful numbered cups on this multi-tasking champ stack and nest together neatly, and can be snapped together to make 5 balls to roll and chase.

2. A friendly plush toy: Soft plush toys are a baby natural, and this one comes with a cool bonus: squeeze the bear's soft, glowing belly button and it plays one of 47 sing-along songs, sounds, and phrases.


3. A gym to kick around in: Babies love toys that challenge them to kick, grab, and reach. Give them extra motivation with this tricked-out gym that plays music, tells stories, and introduces letters, numbers, and colors.

4. An immersive play pod: Pop a baby in an activity center and he'll wiggle with joy, play with the toys, jump, bounce, and best of all, cease crying for a while. This center has a fun beachy theme, and a seat that rotates for 360 degree access.


5. The best bouncer on the planet: Who would pay $150 or more for a bouncer when you can pick them up for $10 at a bargain store? Anyone who's seen the amazing performance of this bouncer, which transforms the gentlest infant kick into a shower of battery-free soothing movement.

6. A swing that has it all: Many infants love rhythmic movement – and parents love a calm baby. This super-special swing has some neat features: parents can connect their smart phone to play their own music, stories, and photos, very handy if you have a baby who calms to a particular song. The swing's seat rotates 180 degrees so babies can swing in any direction. And finally, the seat lifts off safely and easily to become a bouncer when you need.

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