My kids are even more excited for our rainbow baby's arrival than I am!

My kids are even more excited for our rainbow baby's arrival than I am!

Every night before they go to bed, my three kids ask their very pregnant mama, “Are you going to have the baby tonight?” Then they ask if we can pray together for their little brother to come. Now.

It’s been a long road for little girls who really want another sibling.

When I was six months pregnant with our fourth daughter, we lost her, and having to tell my other children was the worst part. They were crushed with disappointment and grief as they struggled to accept that our baby wouldn’t be coming in the way we’d envisioned.

About three months later, I found out I was expecting a baby boy. I waited as long as I could to tell the girls, not wanting to set them up for any more heartbreak since it was still early in the pregnancy. But by eight weeks, I couldn’t keep the secret any longer. My daughters were over the moon that I was pregnant, but understandably afraid something bad could happen again.

Luckily, this pregnancy, and baby, has been perfectly healthy, and now we are in the final stretch of waiting for our rainbow to arrive.

I delivered my third daughter around 37 weeks, so we’ve been expecting our little miracle any day now. My girls are kind of going out of their minds anticipating their little brother's entry into this world after such a long, painful journey. As much as I feel elated and yeah, so ready, sometimes I think the girls are even more at a point where they just can’t wait another minute.

I know they’re bummed to come into my bedroom each morning and see me lying there. “You didn’t have the baby?” one will ask me. I pull back my covers to reveal my giant belly. My 7-year-old is still optimistic even when she sees my big, round tummy. “Did you have him?” she’ll venture, looking around the room for the hidden baby. I have to laugh. “Not yet, honey.”

“Will you have him today?” the girls will ask on repeat. “I wish I could tell you,” I say.

Son, all five of us are just so, so excited to meet you. Ready when you are.

Photos: Melissa Willets

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