So life-sized replicas of unborn babies are now a thing

So life-sized replicas of unborn babies are now a thing

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Who wouldn’t shell out $250 for a replica of North West in utero? Well, probably a lot of people, but if you did happen to want one apparently they are available.

Not only can you buy a 3D copy of a celebrity baby or two, you can also buy a life-size replica of your own baby in utero.

Companies throughout Japan and Russia have been offering such services since around 2012, but have recently stepped up their game. Early models of printed fetuses were partial and not quite life sized. Now, models made using ultrasound technology are getting pretty darn lifelike.

How much do they cost, you say? Good question. I would also like to know; unfortunately, I do not speak Japanese or Russian. But, I can tell you this – it ain’t cheap.

Early replicas from Japan were fetching upwards of $1,100. So, newer, more realistic models – which you can now have covered in precious metals – are probably considerably more.

Where can I go to get one, you ask? Well, it looks like you will have to go quite far as there are no companies I have been able to find in the States that offer this service.

There was a startup in 2013 called 3D Babies that aimed to open its doors to expectant mothers on our side of the ocean, but it failed...hard. Of the $15,000 goal it had on a crowdfunding site, the company only managed to raise $1,200.

It is just my guesstimation, but it may have something to do with their test models. The babies posted on their funding page are definitely strange, and maybe even a little bit scary.

So this leads us to the real question – is this whole concept strange and scary?

Personally, I don’t think it’s for me. Maybe if I had a baby that I knew would pass shortly after birth it would be a good remembrance piece. Otherwise I'm pretty content with seeing my baby via 3D and 4D ultrasound. I mean, the detail of ultrasounds these days are uncanny, anyway.

*We had a pretty good idea what my little girl would look like based on her ultrasounds.

See more babies who look just like their ultrasound pics here.

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