27 things I don’t feel like doing now that I’m so super pregnant

27 things I don’t feel like doing now that I’m so super pregnant

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Feeling lazy and unmotivated at the end of a pregnancy is just kind of the deal. It's where I'm at as I count down to baby. Typically, I enjoy being busy and getting things done. But now? Ugh, so over doing everything. Here are just some of the tasks that I really, truly don't want to do today or any day.

Get out of bed. It's the worst when I'm forced to stop just lying there.

Walk to the bathroom. Feet hurt. Back hurts. Don't wanna.

Put on makeup. I want to look as exhausted and crappy as I feel so live with it, world!

Get dressed. All clothes restrictive and uncomfortable. Why can't wearing a giant T-shirt everywhere be socially acceptable? So dumb.

Eat. Belly too big to accept more than lungs and baby. Sorry, stomach.

Get my kids ready for school. Why do we even have to go anywhere? Especially somewhere they need to be bathed and dressed for.

Make their lunches. So. Much. Work. Right. Now.

Make dinner for my family. I've run out of ideas for feeding the people who live in my house. Plus, I'm too friggin' tired.

Do any chores at all. My house can just fall down for all I care.

Shower. Effort needed. Too huge to bother.

Move. Like at all. Just leave me here and go on without me.

Take my kids to school or pick them up. No, don't make me!

Clean up from dinner. Condemn the darn place and get it over with.

Read to my kids. Let's pretend books aren't important until after my due date.

Pay attention to a TV show. No attention span. Too gigantic.

Take my kids to their activities. They don't need friends. They don't need exercise.

Feed my dog. So annoying.

Play with my kids. They have too much energy. It's rude.

Grocery shop. Store. So. Big. Wahhh!

Go out to dinner. Because that requires getting dressed, which I hate.

Talk to or see my husband. He did this to me and I hate him.

Sit. Not comfortable.

Stand. Not comfortable.

Be in the car. Confining and I always have to pee.

Act friendly. Everyone sucks right now.

Have to accomplish anything. I just want to lie in bed until I deliver.

Get into bed. But there's the fact that I’ll have to get up to pee in 20 seconds.

Repeat it all the next day.

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