15 things worse than formula feeding your baby

15 things worse than formula feeding your baby

Audrey Roloff, a reality show star and mom from the show Little People, Big World recently said using baby formula is like a sin. Because obviously there are so many things that are far worse than feeding your child.

Here are just a few:

  • 1. Putting so much pressure on yourself to breastfeed that you fall into a deep depression that affects your entire family. Far worse than giving your baby formula.
  • 2. Wasting your time watching Little People, Big World. Okay, this one is a low blow. But what a seriously twisted thing to say, Audrey.
  • 3. Killing someone. Real sin. Check the Bible.
  • 4. Cutting out carbs completely. So cruel, especially when you're pregnant.
  • 5. Mom shaming. I mean, why? This needs to stop.
  • 6. Beating yourself up for the parenting decisions you make, a.k.a. self-shaming.If you had a c-section, so what? Letting your baby cry it out? Stay strong! Breastfeeding much harder than you thought? It happens! In the end, judgement of ourselves can be worse than that which happens at the hands and mouths of others.
  • 7. Starving your baby.Let’s put this formula thing in perspective, people.
  • 8. Not watching The BacheloretteAmazing guilty pleasure.

  • 9. Skipping the disposable face mask trend.Try one. You won’t be sorry.
  • 10. Hubris.One of the seven deadly sins. It means pride, as in thinking your way of doing something is the only way. Ahem.
  • 11. Forcing yourself to wear a thong really soon after giving birth.So humbling. Such a bad idea.
  • 12. Lying, stealing, and cheating.Worse than feeding your baby.

  • 13. Never putting anything in the cart for yourself during a Target run.You gotta treat yo’ self.
  • 14. Taking what you have for granted.Life is so precious. I learned that after losing my baby when I was six months pregnant.
  • 15. Letting the opinions of others rule you.So what if someone says formula-feeding is a sin? That is just one person’s perspective and it doesn't make them a horrible person. It's all good! Let's continue just doing the best we can, mamas.

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