7 reasons having a newborn is easier than the end of pregnancy

7 reasons having a newborn is easier than the end of pregnancy

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I am 34 weeks pregnant. Hell.

As this is my fourth child, I know that the newborn stage is far easier than the end of pregnancy. Don’t believe me? Consider these reasons:

You can actually sleep. I didn’t say you will sleep. Like if your partner gets up with the baby, or if magically the baby sleeps through the night early on. Hey, it happens! Meanwhile, at the end of pregnancy, sleep is an impossibility. I spend 99 percent of the night tossing, turning, groaning, or peeing.

You can have a drink. Pregnancy is stressful. As I’m researching the best baby carriers for newborns (for the fifth time), I’ll think, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could enjoy a glass of wine right about now?” Except alcohol would give me horrible heartburn. And it’s not safe for baby. With a newborn however, you can totally sip a delicious California red when he’s wailing his head off at witching hour.

Your body is healing. Now, it’s still swollen and painful and achey and not yours. Sure, postpartum you may not feel like a million bucks, but at least you’re headed in the right direction.

You can breathe. And not waddle. And your wedding rings fit again. Yes, yes I know life with a newborn is no joke. But when your newborn is kicking you in the ribs, you can move him to another spot, unlike now.

You already gave birth. You did it! Hooray! At the end of pregnancy, there’s all that anticipation of what birth will be like. Will your labor last forever? Is the baby going to be okay? What if you need a c-section? Once your baby is in your arms, so much of that fear goes away. And is replaced by the fear that you must now keep this little person alive. So, maybe it’s a draw.

You have the baby in your arms. And you realize all that pregnancy pain and suffering was totally worth it. But at the end of pregnancy, it’s really hard to put that into perspective. I’m so focused on how crappy I feel, I just want it to be over already.

The baby’s the fun part! The clothes, the smells, the sweetness. When your newborn arrives, the party starts. I have loved having babies in the house, and I can’t wait to meet this one.

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