Safer step stools for babies who climb everything

Safer step stools for babies who climb everything

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My daughters are such helpers. They want to be part of everything I do -- even my 14-month-old has started "sweeping" and helping "fold" laundry.

I'm always balancing wanting to be done with the task at hand vs. incorporating them into what I'm doing. They don't like to be ignored and I don't like being slowed down. I won't lie, it's a battle some days.

The days I let them into what I'm doing always leave me feeling a bit better about my mothering. And some day...they'll be able to do these things themselves, right? Until they become teenagers with better things to do.

One task they all love to "help" with is baking. But I either have to bring my mixing bowl down to them or lift them up so they are counter-height. We have a step-stool, but the potential of falling off backwards always makes me hesitate to use it -- especially with my accident prone 2-year-old.

These step-stools with rails and a back support get my kiddos to counter height while keeping them safe. I can leave the counter to grab milk from the fridge without worrying that they are leaning too far one way or the other.

The Original Learning Tower

This is a very sturdy option designed with a wide 15 x 18 inch base and will hold up to 500 pounds. The platform can be raised or lowered one-handed to accommodate multiple children or a fast-growing child. It also has a tall four-sided railing to keep your kiddo safe no matter what the project. (Little Partners)

Kids Kitchen Helper

This is a simpler version of the Learning Tower, but it has similar safety features like four rails; it also stands flush to the counter. Kids can easily get up and down. This stool can take up to 150 pounds and is suitable for kids age 18 months to 5 years. (Amazon)

Guidecraft Step Up Kitchen Helper

This step stool has a very wide base, handles that can be gripped on the either side and anti-tipping supports. There is no back support, but the wide base makes me feel secure that an old enough kiddo could catch themselves. It can adjust to two different heights and will hold up to 200 pounds. (Amazon, $109)

Montessori Kitchen Helper

This is a unique kitchen helper model because it works as a safe kitchen stool and a table -- both options would get used A LOT in my house. The stool is also designed to look like a cute little truck (they also sell animal versions). It is made by a company in Latvia so shipping can take up to two weeks, but they are so cute and practical I think they're worth it. (Etsy)

Little Sidekick Kitchen Helper

Here is another sweet find on Etsy. This simple stool works with multiple heights and ages. The stools can be easily adjusted (without the need of tools) to accommodate various children. These stools can also be personalized or sent as raw wood to be personalized by you. I love seeing both of these kids at hip height for the counter even though they're different ages. (Etsy)

Whatever stool you choose know that slowing down to spend time with your little ones is incredibly important. I need to be reminded of that. Often I get so wound up trying to get dinner ready or keep the kitchen from becoming a disaster that I forget to have fun.

I heard somewhere that people don't care what you do; they care about how you make them feel. Taking that notion to heart, I've taken a few minutes out of each day this past week to find something to laugh about with my 2-year-old. It could be sneezing funny or dancing weird, but getting a giggle out of her is my goal. Connecting with her like this is inching us closer after several meltdowns a day had us in opposite corners. So we'll bake, or wash dishes, or have a dance party -- together.

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