5 things I miss about pregnancy and 10 things I don’t

5 things I miss about pregnancy and 10 things I don’t

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Being fresh out of what felt like a never-ending pregnancy can make you reflective. But as I sit back to contemplate that decision, I find myself reliving the joys along with the not-so-joyous moments of pregnancy.

While there are certainly things I’ll miss greatly about pregnancy, there are also plenty of moments and symptoms I’ll gladly remember as things I’ll never have to experience again.

5 things I’ll miss about pregnancy:

  1. The feeling of little kicks – Feeling your baby move inside of you is nothing short of a miracle. You are the only person in the world who can feel your baby while they sit comfortably and safe inside of you. Baby’s movements are also a sign they are doing well, and I always took tremendous comfort in feeling my baby kick or move (note: a full rollover is never fun, but I’ll still remember those moments fondly!)
  2. The way people treat you – Whether it’s giving up their seat, checking in on you more regularly or simply picking something up for you when you drop it on the floor, when you’re pregnant, people tend to treat you differently. Sure, the occasional sympathetic comment is always appreciated, but I always felt more loved when I was waddling around.
  3. Not caring about what I looked like – I’m not saying I didn’t care at all, but I certainly didn’t stress out about finding the perfect outfit for a weekend event or whether my shirt was getting tight. Pregnancy was about making myself comfortable and not being self-conscious about how big I was. There was, after all, a very good reason for it.
  4. The freedom of pregnancy (at least compared to having a newborn) – Date nights, moments alone and *gasp, the thought of reading a book weren’t laughable activities when I was still pregnant. Even though I already had a child, my husband and I could always trade off when one of us needed to accomplish something.
  5. The comfort of knowing you were protecting your baby – Unforeseen circumstances aside, I was in control of caring for my baby. His health was dependent on many of my actions, and I always felt a sense of calm from knowing I was taking good care of him even before he was born.

And the slightly funny, 10 things I won’t miss about pregnancy:

  1. Almost peeing my pants – there is nothing in the world that quite measures up to a pregnant woman’s realization that peeing her pants is a very real possibility. You laugh too hard – you might pee. You sneeze too hard (or even normally) – you might pee. You can’t get your maternity pants off fast enough – you just might pee. The fact that I never did actually pee my pants is a badge of honor I proudly wear. Many pregnant women can’t say the same.
  2. The inability to get comfortable for nine months – Seriously. I’ve never been more uncomfortable in a chair, in bed, on the couch, standing up, walking…I could go on and on.
  3. Morning sickness – Let’s first be reminded that morning sickness does not just occur in the morning. I threw up in my car, in a parking lot, in an alley, and on more than one occasion, I contemplated using the garbage can under my desk at the office. I learned to clean my toilet with immaculate precision because I spent so much time with my head in a place that it really shouldn’t be.
  4. Acid reflux – This is no joke when you’re pregnant. When you’re up at 3 a.m. because you think you’ve recently developed the ability to breath fire, go ahead and call me. I can relate.
  5. The complete and utter loss of my dignity – The amount of times a stranger has seen my lady parts is inconceivable to the everyday person. I’ve never cared less about being naked in front of anyone that walked into my hospital room, and in reflection, I lost any sort of respectable personal space that should be allowed.
  6. The comments of strangers - If one more person asked me if I was having twins or commented on how miserable I looked, I was going to find a way to lift my leg high enough to kick them. Though I wanted to, I never did tell one of these randoms I wasn't actually pregnant. At nine months along, it would have been hilarious to see their reaction.
  7. My inability to do things – As my pregnancy neared its end, I couldn’t see my toes, let alone paint them. I had a hard time bending over to pick things up. I could no longer get down on the floor and play with my daughter, let alone chase her around the playground.
  8. Gestational diabetes – Most pregnant woman get a free pass to have dessert or take a second helping of just about anything – because, hey, you’re pregnant! Gestational diabetes meant about 20 more doctor appointments and absolutely no enjoyable food for several months.
  9. Non-stress tests – In my opinion, there’s nothing more stressful than a non-stress test. Someone with a sense of humor certainly named them. My nurses at the OB office had a wonderful time trying to find my little man’s heartbeat every. single. time. Talk about giving me a heart attack each visit. I’m still holding out hope that his stubbornness in the womb won’t carry out in his adolescence.
  10. The wait – while I mentioned a few things I’ll certainly miss about pregnancy, the waiting was always the hardest part. I wanted both my babies so badly, those long months seemed like torture. I couldn’t wait to hold them in my arms, tell them I was their mama and have their little hands wrapped around my fingers. It’s a little like waiting for the best thing in your life to be handed to you.

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