5 adorable spring time kid crafts to love

5 adorable spring time kid crafts to love

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It's starting to warm up a bit where I live and I am itching to get outside, although it's just not warm enough to declare spring yet. Late last month, I shared a few really cute Springtime crafts to make, and now I'm back with 5 adorable Springtime crafts to make with your kids. I think it's so good to really help your little ones understand the seasons and the beauty that each one holds. While I love each season for so many different reasons, Spring is just a breath of fresh air, if you know what I mean. By the time Spring rolls around, I think we all can agree that we are sooo ready for Winter to be over. I miss being outside, don't you?

From kite flying to bug catching to colorful Spring flowers to baby chickie birds, there are so many fun things to get excited about when Spring comes. The best part is that you probably have a lot of these crafting supplies at home right now, like tissue paper, cheap paper plates, empty egg cartons and googley eyes. That's what I love about kid crafts, you can pull out your bin and you can get creative.

Snail Suncatchers made using coffee filters via No Time for Flashcards

Stained glass kites via Make and Takes

Egg Carton Caterpillar via Creative Green Living

Paper Plate Easter Chick via Kiwi Corner

Handprint spring art via Pinkie for Pink

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