Silly snake tie for Dad

Silly snake tie for Dad

Tired of the same ol' tie for dad? Recycle an old one instead by making him this silly snake!

Supplies for Snake Tie:

  • Tie - old used tie or one from the thrift store
  • stuffing - poly-fil craft stuffing
  • pencil, or long stick of some sort
  • hot glue gun (for adult use)
  • red felt
  • 2 googley eyes

1- Brake off a small chunk of stuffing and place it down the hole of one of the sides of the tie. I started with the small end. Then using your pencil or long stick, push down the stuffing as far as you can.

2- Try to get at least half way down, then do the same for the other opening of the tie. Then fill and repeat until your whole tie is stuffed.

3- Once your tie is all stuffed ( kinda looking like it's eaten a mouse!), then you'll want to hot glue each end closed. Be careful with the hot glue, it's hot and can burn.

4- Then cut out a tongue for the snake from the red felt. Ours has a fork tongue. Now hot glue the bottom end to the inside of the snakes mouth, or the bigger end of the tie.

5- Time for the eyes. Hot glue your 2 googley eyes to the top of the snake, or the top of the big area of the tie.

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