Diaper rash tips from a veteran mom

Diaper rash tips from a veteran mom

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Every baby gets diaper rash.

Even if your mom group isn't talking about it, you can bet your baby's cute bum that they have all dealt with diaper rash. Sometimes it's severe and other times it's just a little redness, but it has happened to all of our babies and many of our toddlers too.

The first time my firstborn had a diaper rash I blamed myself. I thought I surely caused it by not changing his diaper often enough. If the skin in your child's diaper zone is irritated and red, maybe even with a few bumps, he likely has diaper rash. It wasn't my fault, though. It turns out there can be many triggers that cause diaper rash, from eating new foods to taking antibiotics.

One thing I've learned raising my three children is that diaper rash can hit at any time. Now I'm prepared and carry diaper rash paste with me everywhere. Aquaphor Baby, maker of the Baby Wash & Shampoo every mom knows and loves, now offers Fast Relief Diaper Rash Paste. This paste is a different formula from their popular Healing Ointment and works quickly and efficiently, relieving diaper rash discomfort in just one use. I pack it in my diaper bag for all outings, including trips to the pool and beach.

Here are a few things I've learned about diaper rash while raising three kids:

  1. Treat it right away. Don't wait to see if it gets worse or goes away on its own. Treat it the minute you see a little redness.
  2. Always pack your favorite diaper rash paste. Because diaper rash can hit at any time, it's important to be prepared. Take it one step further and apply a thin layer of diaper rash paste as a preventative measure before your child develops a diaper rash. I always do this if we are heading on a long car ride when my child might be in a diaper for a long time, or at the beach where I know sand might irritate their sensitive skin.
  3. Use the right product. I love Aquaphor Baby's Diaper Rash Paste because it works, it's easy to apply and clean off, and protects all night long. The formula is hypoallergenic and free of parabens, talc, and fragrances. It has a very subtle, pleasant smell, and it goes on gently. It relieves discomfort in one use and allows my children to be able to play as they normally would and not to be disrupted by their diaper rash. The tube also conveniently fits quite nicely in my diaper bag. The size is just right.
  4. Air-dry before you apply. My friend came up with this little ditty, and I always remember it when my children have diaper rash. After you wipe your child, let the skin air-dry a little before applying diaper rash paste. Moisture is often the cause of diaper rash, so allowing the skin to dry first helps to alleviate diaper rash more quickly. Add a diaper rash paste barrier and you are good to go.

Diaper rash happens, and when it does, make sure you're prepared!

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