Everything this pregnant lady ate today, no filter

Everything this pregnant lady ate today, no filter

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I'm sick of seeing social media posts from celebs who admit to eating just a tiny bit more now that they're pregnant. Or, when expectant stars say they don't want to sit around and eat all the time, and instead, hit the gym.

Can we get real for a minute? I'm almost six-months pregnant and I'm hungry as hell. While I too workout every day, and try to eat healthy, sometimes the Cheetos and sofa are calling. And I refuse to feel ashamed for giving into cravings and feeding my growing baby.

So, here is an honest account of what I ate today, no filter.

8 a.m.: I sneak a few handfuls of peanut butter cereal, mixed with pecans, and polish off 1/3 of a leftover banana from my kids' breakfast. Off to a good start, I know. But this wasn’t my breakfast. It was a stop-over to the main event.

10 a.m.: I inhale an egg and cheese sandwich on a roll, doused in spicy ketchup.

10:05 a.m.: I'm still hungry. WTF?! Many spoonfuls of leftover mac ’n cheese later...

1 p.m.: I couldn't help myself from taking a huge lick of zucchini bread batter. Bad mommy!

1:30 p.m.: Time for a leftover chick pea and sweet potato burger from last night's dinner. I go with hot sauce, no bun, only because we don't have buns in the house.

2 p.m.: I "sample" an untold number of pieces of zucchini bread, fresh from the oven. Yum!

8 p.m.: I'm starving and crabby. In less than 5 minutes flat, I devour every last bite of a Caesar salad with half a block of tofu on it, flooded in dressing.

8:30 p.m.: I fully intended to eat whipped cream with chocolate chips like I do most nights, but I fell asleep on the couch. I made up for it the next afternoon; don't worry!

Honestly, for me, this wasn't that much to eat in a day, since I am hungry from morning until night. And let's face it, a few extra bites of quinoa isn't going to cut it when salted pistachio nuts are around.

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