Pregnancy: 6 self perceptions, versus the reality

Pregnancy: 6 self perceptions, versus the reality

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You know how when you see another pregnant woman, you think things like, "She looks so cute!" and "She's got the glow!" But when you are pregnant, you just feel all gross and gigantic? I'm so in that state of mind right now as I enter the final stages of this pregnancy. Here are 6 pregnancy perceptions I'm stuck on, versus the reality other people probably see. Can you relate?

1. You feel epically huge.

But you probably look great. I've been joking to my friends that I feel so much like a whale at this point of my pregnancy, all I'm missing is a blow hole. When I see photos of myself, however, it's not as bad as I think. I'm just not used to being this big, and everything being so challenging. How come when I look at other pregnant women I can see the beauty of their bumps, but when it comes to me, I only see the sheer girth of my body?

2. You feel sweaty and flushed.

But others think you've got the glow. I can't count how many people have told me, "You've got that glow." I want to say, "It's called feeling constantly overheated, and you have no idea that I'm actually dripping with sweat." Ugh, it would be so much better if I could just take a compliment!

3. You hate getting dressed, especially at the end of your pregnancy when you’re sick of all your maternity clothes.

Meanwhile, your friends and family can’t get over how cute you look. Like the "glow" comment, I'm also hearing, "You look so cute!" This sweet sentiment flies in the face of how I feel, though. Even my yoga pants feel restrictive at this point. But what others see is what I see when I'm looking at another pregnant woman. Even if her clothes are straining to do their job, she's adorable! If only we could be as generous with our appreciation of how others look when it comes to ourselves.

4. You feel irritable and crabby.

But your husband finds your mood swings sexy. Seriously, my husband thinks my pregnancy hormones are a turn on! Like I’m the Sofia Vergara-like wife he’s always dreamed of having.

5. You’re so tired, you feel useless to the service of humankind.

But others really do want to help you, so you shouldn't stress. My husband enjoys doting on me during pregnancy, and even my kids are keen to lend a hand these days. Friends are offering to do stuff for me left and right. It's a testament to how many good people are out there, so why do I get down on myself for having certain physical limitations?

6. It's forever until your due date.

When in reality, a few months will feel like nothing when you look back. Every pregnant woman in her third trimester can relate to how the days feel like weeks, and hours feel like days. But once you are holding your baby, all that time spent waiting will seem like the blink of an eye.

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