Do you force your baby to nap?

Do you force your baby to nap?

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Another night of soul destroying lack of sleep. He is a little monster specifically between the hours of midnight and 4 A.M.

Growth spurt or rebel without a cause? Honestly, I have no idea. He doesn't seem to be devouring food at a higher rate than normal and he isn't at all interested in food when he is awake at night. But, let me tell you, that boy is awake. Just when we thought we'd turned a corner with him, he started sleeping extraordinarily lightly, rising every half hour and - the worst bit - screaming at the top of his little lungs. Eventually, at the peak of his meltdown, he will take a bottle or a pacifier and pass out.

I don't know what to do about the nights. I don't. But, I do know what I did during the day today that made me feel like a new woman.

I forced him, against his will, to nap.

Here is how I did it:

  1. I took off my shirt and laid him against my bare chest.
  2. I snuggled with him underneath the covers of my bed.
  3. I gave him a bottle.
  4. I read my book – not his – out loud in a quiet, soothing voice, basically boring him senseless.

Ieuan didn't want to sleep. He wasn't acting tired. But, by following these steps, I forced him - against his will - to sleep. And, I slept as well, for two hours of snuggly bliss.

If that's abuse, I can take it. So can he. And, we might just have another round tomorrow.

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