Do you allow toys in your kid's room?

Do you allow toys in your kid's room?

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I'm spring cleaning. And while I try to teach my kids to "clean up, clean up, everybody every where," I usually overhaul and organize their bedrooms about twice a year. I weed out unloved toys and books and I donate, donate, donate, whether to a charity such as Goodwill or my friends.

This week, I tackled my 6-year-old daughter's room. When I mentioned what I was doing to other moms at the park, one of the them said she doesn't allow toys in her kids' rooms. She said bedrooms are for rest and study and nothing more. A few moms nodded in agreement. We live in the Midwest, where many homes have basements where parents make play areas.

For me, the idea of a kid's bedroom with no toys is bizarre. Although we have a play area in our basement, both Zoe and Ryan, 3, have toys in their rooms. I like it when they play in their rooms. I like how they place stuffed animals or cars and make pretend houses and garages out of things like books and coffee cans. I like that they have their private kid spaces where they rule (to an extent, of course, if, say, they decide to draw on the walls, then mean old mom would step in).

When I was a kid, my room was my world. I grew up in Southern California, in a small house. My toys were only in my bedroom. That is where I played.

Meanwhile, here is Zoe's room after my biannual overhaul. In a snap, it will look like windstorm hit. But for one day, it looks perfect. Also, confession time: I enjoy organizing her things and arranging her toys, especially the animal figurines in the dollhouse. It relaxes me and gets my creativity going.


(Sorry for bad lighting. For some pictures, I had to use my phone camera because battery died on regular camera).

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