I tried 29 surprising morning sickness cures and here’s what happened

I tried 29 surprising morning sickness cures and here’s what happened

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I have suffered from morning sickness during all four of my pregnancies. And I thought I'd tried everything out there to keep the nausea at bay, from eating saltine crackers, to sucking on Preggie Pops and ginger candy.

Unfortunately, nothing ever worked for me, until this pregnancy, when I discovered the wonders of chewing peppermint gum, and sipping on cranberry juice and coffee. Weird, right?

We put out a call to our our site Facebook community to find out what surprising morning sickness remedies worked for them. And let's just say we heard some doozies, from watching Back to the Future (I tried this and it didn't work for me) to smoking pot (sorry, not trying this one). All in all, hundreds of comments flooded in.

I put 29 of my fellow preggo moms' morning sickness cures to the test, and here's how I fared:

Having the baby! After three births, I can vouch for the fact that this is a foolproof way to put an end to nausea and vomiting for good.

Popcorn and lemonade. Munching on this salty, movie snack made me feel even more queasy. Sipping lemonade was also not a relief.

Fresh cold tomatoes. This poster suggested eating them like apples. Which I'm just not doing. I'd rather puke.

Little applesauce cups. I agree eating this kid-fav food is refreshing, especially if you are feeling dehydrated from either puking or not being able to handle drinking liquids. But the respite from nausea was only temporary for me.

A cold wet rag on the back of my neck. Cooling yes, since I'm always feeling overheated. But still want to puke.

Sipping Mountain Dew Voltage. Carbonation doesn't help me, sadly. I'm truly having an aversion to most beverages, with the exception of the ones I mentioned in the beginning of this post.

Lemon ginger tea. Again, liquids are the devil for me.

Brown Sugar Pop Tarts. I can't eat anything sweet. No. Just no.

Lick the salt off of tortilla chips. This one helped only because the silliness of it distracted me for a second. But also, salty foods are better than sweet for me in general at this juncture.

Celery juice. File this under "things that make me dry heave when I think of them."

Spoonfuls of yellow mustard. Ditto.

Lemon lime Gatorade. I absolutely cannot drink more than one sip of Gatorade. Baby no like.

Orange Tic-Tacs. I tried mint ones, which had a similar effect to gum.

French onion soup. Yes! Yum! Good suggestion mama!

Peppermint essential oil. I tried both diffusing this into the air, and dabbing a drop on the end of my nose. Although a few of my friends swear by this morning sickness cure, sadly, it had zero effect on me.

Throwing up. Works like a charm.

Scrambled egg. For me, noshing on eggs provides fleeting relief.

The smell of my dog's organic anti-flea soap. Any smell having to do with my dog makes me feel greener than Kermit.

Graham crackers. Barf.

Spicy Mexican food. I ate spicy Indian instead. Didn't help, didn't hurt.

Sip of very cold beer first thing in the morning. Even the smell of beer could make me hurl.

Not getting out of bed helped me. If I didn't move, I didn't get nauseous! I was unable to try this one, as I already have three kids.

Celibacy. Noted for future.

Bacon. Been a vegetarian for 25 years. Not going there.

Drinking pickle juice! Again, the smell of this was enough to lead me to believe it's not for me.

Dancing! Just get up and do it! I agree that exercise helps, because you’re not thinking about being nauseous. But if you’re so queasy you’re lying on the bathroom floor, it may not be the time to try this.

Stuffing my face. Yeah, eating a lot is good, mainly because you're too full to feel nauseous.

Peanut butter!! I agree this helps because the sticky stuff coats your tummy.

Washing my hands in cold water. Sorry, nope!

In the end, obviously it’s very individual what helps you cope with morning sickness. What works for one person won’t do anything for someone else.

Good luck mamas!

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