Is it normal for boys to pee on each other? Asking for a friend

Is it normal for boys to pee on each other? Asking for a friend

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Okay, I know raising boys can be gross. I can even handle the ungodly-smelling urine that seems to constantly cover the bathroom.

*George (3), proudly holds one of the nine frogs we found on our frog hunt.

However, speaking of urine, I am having a hard time coping with the body-part-flaunting-need-to-pee-on-everything aspect of raising boys.

A few days ago, I heard the boys jumping on my bed. And while it didn’t necessarily make me happy, I was glad they were out of my hair and off my ankles for a minute. So, I said nothing. Then I heard George, my 3-year-old, scream, “Hey! Take off you’s underwear!” He hasn’t quite gotten possessive nouns down yet.

I yelled back, “No, you keep your underwear on! I don’t want your stinky, naked butts on my bed!” Usually, the boys are more inclined to listen if I use a little humor. In this case, it did not work. Well, they laughed, but they still gleefully took their undies off and flung them all over.

Silence. Jumping. Giggling. More jumping. I knew they were jumping on my bed naked. I could sadly visualize it. But, because I am an awesome mom, I decided I would ignore it for a while in exchange for a moment of semi-peace.

Then George screamed, “Hey, Frankie! Lay down so I can pee on you’s back!”

That got my attention. “No! Nope! NO!!! Don’t you dare!”

Frankie, thrilled by the idea, shouted back, “It’s okay, Mom! I want him to!”

Things went from gross to totally disturbing. I then had to try to calmly explain to the boys that it is never okay to pee on someone, especially outside of the bathroom, and even more especially while on Mom’s bed.

I have no idea what in their little child minds made them think this was okay, but I am basically now questioning all my past parenting decisions. Heck, sometimes I question my ability to parent at all.

Even now, days later, I wonder, should I be disturbed by this? And while completely disturbed, I kinda hope it's normal. That way we aren't a house full of weirdos. But what if it is weird? Should I send them to a therapist? Should I send myself to a therapist???

Would you say this is normal boy behavior? How would you handle this situation?

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