Breastfeeding Techniques

Breastfeeding Techniques

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Breastfeeding Techniques

About four days after birth, breasts start producing real milk instead of the first milk that comes in the first few days. When you wake up one morning, you may find your breasts swollen, hardened and you may experience discomfort. This milk swelling called and passes within 48 hours.

This may cause problems for your baby. It is useful to take the following precautions in order to relieve swelling and relieve your breasts.

Soften your breasts by pressing a warm, clean towel on your chest before breastfeeding your baby. It also works when you enter the shower and keep hot water in your breasts! This milk will also help the baby find the breast. Thus, the nipple that is turned in will come out and your baby will easily hold it with your lips. Did you know that we have a special breastfeeding guide for you? / Breastfeeding moms-on-the-book /

Manual Breastfeeding Technique

Ellen milking There are some benefits that you learn. You can store your milk in the freezer for a long time. Someone can give your baby milk while you're away. It is easy and painless to empty your milk by hand.

Sterilize the instruments before use and wash your hands thoroughly. To make milk easier hot shower take or press a warm towel to your chest.

Sit comfortably in a high place. This is what you need: sterilization, a large container, bottle and nipple and a plastic funnel.

Use all of your hand for massage; Do not just do it with your fingertips. Massage the entire breast from the bottom to the top.

To facilitate the flow of milk through the channels, you should wipe the nozzle from each side at least ten times.

Press your fingernails gently into the aerola. Be careful not to crush the breast tissue. Then apply gentle pressure down the area behind the aerola with your fingers. Squeeze near the tip with your fingers while pressing the nipple from the bottom and sides with your palms.

You will see milk gushing from the nipple. Keep this for a few minutes. Apply the same massage to the other breast and express some milk from this breast. Repeat the same procedure when you return to the first nozzle.

Your work will be easier because the milk release is stimulated. Milk your breasts in sequence until no milk comes out.

Manual milking technique prevents the formation of nipple cracks.

You can review our article on feeding recommendations during breastfeeding.

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How is breast milk stored?

Pour the milk from the milking container into the bottle with the help of a funnel. In the first weeks 60 ml can get much milk.

3 rules for the storage of breast milk; breast milk can be stored for 3 hours at room temperature, 3 days on a refrigerator shelf and 3 months in a freezer.

Emptying the Milk with Pump

This procedure is easier and quicker than the manual method, but may cause pain in some women. Syringe type pumps are better than balloon type. Too much milk prefer electric ones.

As always, first sterilize the instruments and wash your hands thoroughly. Soften your breasts by applying hot water and massage.

Pump stick the funnel to the aerola. The funnel should adhere to the tip of the breast like a suction cup and make the effect of the baby's jaw on the milk channels. funnel nozzle Pull the outer roller slowly while keeping it well adhered.

Click to see milk storage bags and containers.

Milk storage bag and milking pump can help you during this period.

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How to increase breast milk?

Recommendations to increase breast milk You can watch our video.

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