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Recommendations for suspending the physical development of a child attending kindergarten

Recommendations for suspending the physical development of a child attending kindergarten

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Physical development is the most important part of a healthy life. Great importance should be given to physical development at an early age, because at this age human development occurs at maximum speed. Agree with this opinionAni Eryorulmaz, part-time faculty member of Boğaziçi University Preschool Education Department It also emphasizes that with the help of physical development, you can also support your child's mental and social / emotional development.

Sufficient nutrition is one of the most important elements to be considered in the physical development of children. If children are not balanced and adequate nutrition at this age, they cannot produce the energy required for their development. Note, however, that a large amount of nutrition does not mean the same as adequate nutrition.

You should not only perceive physical development as a change in your child's body, because with the help of physical development, you will also have the opportunity to support your child's mental and social / emotional development. As Erryorulmaz emphasizes, the tried child will stop trying the movement after a while and this will cause him to lose his self-confidence. As a result, social development will be impaired. Always support him to prevent them all!

Children 2-3 years old…
At this age, your child can run in a balanced way and swing his arms on two sides like an adult. Again in the first days of his age, he can only catch big balls and then he starts to catch small balls. He can jump on his feet, wear tops and brush his teeth with help.

What can you do?

● Go to the playgrounds with your child and encourage him / her to climb and slide.
● Go for a walk together and have him ride a tricycle.
● Play games like chase and hide and seek together.
● Simulate animals and try to act like them (jump like kangaroo, crawl like snake…)
● Fly a kite together
● Blow bubbles together and follow them and try to catch them.
● Create the necessary environment to play with other children (park trips, picnics, entertainment centers…)
● Make sure to use large pencils when drawing.
● Allow him to use non-sharp scissors (paper-cutting scissors only).
● Pick up and play with toy blocks of different lengths and weights and create various spaces (castles, zoos, museums yardımıyla)
● Grab puzzles of woods and help him place them.
● Take play dough and help your child knead, shape and cut the dough.

Children 4-6 years old…
At this age, children begin to lose weight gradually from infancy. The increase in body fat slows down and your child's height-weight balance begins to change. You just have to encourage and support him to do these activities.

What can you do?

● Cycling with your child, walking and jogging tours.
● Let your child help you with the household chores (watering flowers, sweeping the carpet, shopping, dusting, etc.).
● Open a song you both love and dance with it and try to catch the rhythm.
● Your child can play a favorite cartoon or book hero with your child.
● Play ball games together (capture, throw, push…)
● Roll over together.
● Draw various shapes on the floor and ask your child to walk on them (let them walk in different ways).
● Let him climb the trees.
● Allow it to roll on the ground. (create spaces in the house where he can move freely)
● Dig the soil together in the garden and have him plant a tree or flower.
● You can separate and hang laundry together.
● Can help you wash dishes.
● Allow your child to set up the table
● Allow him to pour a favorite drink from the jug into his own glass.

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