11 absolutely gorgeous baby names meaning "gift"

11 absolutely gorgeous baby names meaning

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I love baby names that hold a special meaning. Names that embody the characteristics that we hope to one day instill in our kids -- strength, courage, joy. This collection of wonderful names fit well into that latter category, each meaning some variation of "gift."

One our site mom expressed beautifully her desire to find a meaningful name for her little one on the way, writing, "We lost our last pregnancy, which was twins, pretty late. So we really do... feel like this is God's gift to us." Whether it comes after a loss or by surprise, a new baby, an extra limb sketched upon on the family tree, is a gift to everyone whose lives she will touch, to everyone who will grow to love her.

Here are some names that just might be perfect for your baby on the way...

Aren't there some great picks here? Isabella was a longtime favorite name of mine, but I eventually scratched it off our baby name shortlist when I realized how popular it had become. I wish I had thought of Isadora as a back-up! What a pretty name, and what perfect meaning.

Be sure to check out BabyCenter's baby name database for more info on these and other great names.

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