16 reasons to go to Disney while pregnant

16 reasons to go to Disney while pregnant

I just came back from a last minute trip to Disney World, and I couldn’t help but notice how many bumps were bopping around the Magic Kingdom and other Disney parks.

It's true Disney is family-oriented, but is it a good idea to plan a trip to the happiest place on earth, when you're going through one of the most challenging stages in life? That's for you to ultimately decide. But here are 16 reasons why going to Disney while pregnant is downright magical:

1. You can wear awesome maternity shirts like these.

2. Magic Bands are adjustable for swollen wrists!

3. Disney is bursting at the seams with delicious, pregnancy craving-worthy indulgences, like my personal favorite: the Dole Whip!

4. You have a go-to excuse when you don’t feel like going on annoying rides, like the teacups.

5. The Magic Kingdom has a train that can take you around the entire park when you get too tired to walk. Because there's an insane amount of walking.

6. On the plus side, with all that walking you will put the kibosh on those pesky pregnancy pounds that keep sneaking up on you.

7. Some Disney hotels feature spas; hello prenatal massage!

8. Pretty much every hotel in Orlando has a pool! Ahhh….

9. Kids under age 3 are free; wait too long and you’ll have to pay for that bump. Just look how heavy (and expensive) this one is.

10. Hopefully you’ll get priority seating on the often crowded buses, ferries and monorail in between hotels and attractions. Unless your fellow park goers are feeling more Grumpy than Snow White.

11. It’ll get your mind off waiting, and preparing for baby. In fact, I find Disney always provides a much-needed mental vaca.

12. Create a memory of life before baby, that will last you well into the sleepless nights to come.

13. Magic Kingdom is booze-free so you won’t feel like you’re missing anything!

14. Good luck at the other parks though, which serve alcohol. That’ll suck.

15. If you opt to get Memory Maker, professional photographers will document your pregnancy.

16. At least you won't have the biggest bump there...

If you do decide to get Disney with it while expecting, you'll definitely want to stay hydrated, because Florida is hot as you know what. And avoid the safari ride at Animal Kingdom. Those bumps could send anyone into labor!

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