Home workouts: The best exercise apps and online classes

Home workouts: The best exercise apps and online classes

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Why should I exercise at home?

Adding just 30 minutes of moderately intense exercise to your day can improve your health and extend your life. Exercise lessens the chance of heart disease, helps prevent diabetes, reduces the risk for some cancers, strengthens bones, and releases hormones that lift your mood and relieve stress.

And luckily, these days, with a few pieces of basic equipment, you can get a great workout at home – no need to head to the gym or yoga studio. So even if you're a busy expecting parent or an exhausted new parent, exercise is right at your fingertips.

With online exercise classes and apps, you can filter by length, workout preference, instructor, and more. And they're often more affordable than in-person classes or gym memberships.

How to choose the best app or online class for you

Read class descriptions and user reviews to see if a workout program is right for you. Many companies offer a free trial or provide sample videos before you subscribe.

When choosing an app, keep in mind that the most effective ones offer goal setting, consultation with experts, and real-time personalized feedback. It can be worth it to pay for a membership or subscription to access these features.

Also make sure the workout fits your current fitness level or offers appropriate modifications. Most important, choose a kind of exercise you love so you'll stay motivated.

Online yoga classes and apps

Yoga with Adriene (free on YouTube)

Yoga with Adriene has nearly 7 million followers and aims to connect as many people as possible to quality yoga. The free channel offers classes from 10 to 60 minutes that focus on teaching beginners as well as improving digestive health, stress, back pain, and more.

Yoga Girl (free basic account; $16/month on website)

World-renowned yoga instructor Rachel Brathen started Yoga Girl as a sanctuary for healing through yoga, meditation, and holistic therapy. Ground yourself with a guided meditation or kick up your heart rate with a vinyasa flow. A monthly subscription offers access to meditations and healing tools.

CorePower Yoga (streaming free classes daily on website; $19.99/month on iOS and Android app)

Developed by one of the largest yoga chains in the country, this app offers unlimited classes in a variety of formats and lengths. Participating in its yoga challenges can help keep you accountable.

AloMoves (14-day free trial; $20/month or $199/year on iOS and Android app)

This app offers movement for every mood led by well-known yoga instructors. Videos are available to download for offline access. This app includes yoga, fitness, mindfulness, and technique videos.

Also worth a look: Glo, lululemon,, Wanderlust

Strength training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT)

MadFit (free on YouTube)

With nearly 3 million subscribers on YouTube, MadFit provides real-time, at-home workouts that are apartment friendly, low impact, and require minimal equipment. On their Instagram account you'll find free resources to learn proper form.

ToneItUp (limited free classes on YouTube; $12.99/month on iOS and Android app)

ToneItUp's community aims to empower women to be the healthiest, happiest version of themselves. The app offers fun workouts, programs, and recipes. You'll also have access to strength training, yoga, Pilates, boxing, kettlebell workouts, and barre.

Peloton (free 90-day trial; $12.99/month on iOS and Android app)

This app offers a full library of workouts streamed from the Peloton studio to any device. You can easily filter by class type, time, or favorite music. Additional features include progress tracking with milestones and workout reminders.

@docjenfit on Instagram

Mobility is key for strength training and advancing to lifting more weight. Dr. Jen Esquer provides exercises to enhance mobility and reduce aches and pains.

Also worth a look: Nike Training Club app, Sweat

Pilates and barre

POPSUGAR Fitness (free on YouTube)

POPSUGAR's YouTube channel offers free tutorials and workouts led by Hollywood's celebrity trainers. One channel, Class FitSugar, features real-time workouts covering the latest exercise trends. In addition to Pilates and barre, you'll find boxing, HIIT, body-weight training, and dance.

Blogilates (free on YouTube)

This channel offers full-length POP Pilates, PIIT28, and bootcamp sculpting classes led by Cassey Ho. Whether you start a workout series or take a 10-minute class, these sessions are designed to lengthen and tone your muscles.

Barre3 (15-day free trial; $29/month on website)

Barre3 is a full-body workout accompanied by sustained holds, micro-movements, and cardio bursts. With this subscription, you'll receive access to unlimited workouts and progress-tracking features.

Also worth a look: Pure Barre GO, The Bar Method, Melissa Wood Health


Dance FitSugar (free on YouTube)

POPSUGAR's series includes workouts from top dancers, choreographers, and trainers. Whether they're Latin or Bollywood inspired, these upbeat videos are designed to kick up your heart rate.

Body by Simone (free 14-day trial; $19.99/month on iOS and Android app)

This app provides personalized workout programs as well as access to daily live classes. Bonus features include nutrition plans and progress tracking. You can access a handful of free videos on YouTube.

Neou ($14.99/month on iOS and Android app)

This digital fitness platform offers live and on-demand workout classes from top studios and trainers. Dance classes integrate body positivity and fun into fitness. It also offers bootcamp, barre, strength, yoga, stretching, and more.

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