Pediatrician visits and vaccinations during the coronavirus pandemic

Pediatrician visits and vaccinations during the coronavirus pandemic

Well-baby visits & COVID-19: Parents share what check-ups are like

our site has been asking our audience over the last few weeks how the coronavirus has impacted their lives and what questions they have for experts and other parents. We also started a support group in the our site Community to allow parents and other caregivers to exchange information and tips on doctor visits during COVID-19. The following are some of the stories being shared about what pediatrician visits are like right now.

Your pediatrician may be seeing sick kids at a different time or location

Well checks in the morning with sick appts in the afternoon. Many sick appts can take place in your car. No more walk-in hours.

Our office has 3 locations. They closed one, another is for well visits, and the other is for sick visits.

Our pediatrician has a separate urgent care location where they are sending all ‘sick’ appointments, so the office is only for well care visits. They have a separate entrance for kids aged 0 to 2 years. You can do virtual appointments or come in.

Our office has 2 locations so the smaller location is being used for babies 6 months and younger. That’s the location we went to in early April for the 2-month well check and vaccinations.

Your pediatrician may delay some visits or do them virtually, but stay on schedule for shots

The medical assistant measured height and weight. Nurse administered vaccines. The following week is a phone or virtual visit with the pediatrician.

My baby just had his 2 month vaccines. His 1 month wellness was conducted over the phone (as was my 6 week postpartum).

Limited appointments in the office. Some have moved to phone or video. Vaccine appointments are only in the morning.

My daughter just had her 1 year well visit virtually on our iPad. Then we had a designated location for vaccines. We waited in our car. They called us in, took our temps, took us to the room and shots quick. In and out in 5 minutes. Adults had to wear masks. And only one parent with her. Very efficient.

They are only booking well visits week by week.

Our ped is saying absolutely stay on vaccine schedule.

Your pediatrician may be limiting the number of patients in the office

It was fine. There were only 2 patients at a time in the clinic. All staff wore masks and gloves. They left the door open to get fresh air and so nobody would have to touch the handle.

Only limited appointments so people aren’t in the waiting room, passing each other in the halls, etc.

Hubby was there via FaceTime and the pediatrician was great about making him feel included in the visit.

They said they would have us come back for a weight check but postponed to limit patients in the office.

You may be asked to wait outside and then screened at the door

As soon as we pulled up to the office, we called to let them know we were there. We had to wait for a nurse to come let us in. The doors were locked from the outside and we weren’t allowed to touch the doors. The nurse took each of our temps at the doorway before letting us in. Only one adult could go back with the patient. Everyone was gowned, gloved, and masked.

Everyone is wearing masks and only one parent or guardian can accompany the child to the visit. Temperature is checked at the door by a nurse before you can go in and you are taken right to the back (no sign in sheet and no waiting room). All people over age 2 must wear a mask and parents are encouraged to use covers for babies in infant carriers.

We park the car under the building. Call to check in. Nurse is gloved and masked to bring us to the building from the elevator and they open all doors. Only one parent allowed back. Everyone was in full PPE and they were taking temperatures. Other than that, it was business as usual at that office.

They have a desk set up at the entrance with nurse checking your temperature right as soon as you walk in. They have hand sanitizer and gloves also available for anyone who walks in. Once checked in we were taken into our room right away. Once there it was more relaxed except seeing a doctor who was wearing gloves, face mask and scrubs. We felt very comfortable and safe. Most importantly we didn't want to skip her vaccines.

We just went yesterday for 6 months shots. Only one parent allowed. Temp was checked. Masks were mandatory. But over all our doctor and nurses were calm and collected and ready to help. They even let my husband in at the end to help with the shot part. All was well.

Questions to ask your child's doctor about check-ups

  • What is the procedure for well-child visits?
  • Will we be able to stay on schedule for vaccines?
  • What precautions are you taking to protect everyone's health?
  • Will we be screened at the door?
  • What happens if one of us is found to have a fever?
  • Can we have more than one adult accompanying our child?
  • Can I bring my other child with me as well?
  • Do I need to bring my own mask?
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