Podcasts for pregnant women

Podcasts for pregnant women

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Pregnancy can feel isolating. If you want some company on your pregnancy journey, pop your headphones in! Podcasts are a great way to connect with moms who have been where you are. Listening to experts and moms can help you prepare for your baby's arrival and get you ready for your new life as a parent. Start with these five podcasts:

The Pregnancy Podcast: The names says it all. This research-based podcast has everything you need to immerse yourself in related to pregnancy. Learn about colds and flu, ultrasounds, nutrition, preparing for your baby's arrival, and more.

The Birthful Podcast: If you're getting lots of unsolicited advice about pregnancy, this podcast can help you sift through all the information and figure out what to pay attention to. The host interviews a wide range of experts to present the real deal on pregnancy, birth, and new mamahood.

Hello, Bump: This podcast takes you through each month of your pregnancy, from trying to conceive to the first six weeks with your baby. To get the lowdown on each stage of pregnancy, the hosts bring in a number of experts. This podcast will truly grow with you!

The Birth Hour: Feeling anxious about labor? This podcast has got you covered. Listen to a variety of birth stories and get inspired by the many different ways women give birth.

Birth Kweens: Hosted by a doula and a midwife, this podcast has a natural bent. They discuss pregnancy, birth, baby care, postpartum recovery, and women's health – all in an honest and relatable way.

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