Tricks of Travel with Baby

Tricks of Travel with Baby

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If a family with a baby is going to be away from home for a long time, there are things to do before leaving. First, prepare an extra diaper and a bag with your baby's medication, if any. Dress your baby in comfortable clothes and definitely have spare clothes with you. Get some of your baby's favorite toys.

Car journey
Although it takes a long time to drive, it is the most preferred mode of travel. Because it's up to you to take a break at any time. If you are going to drive on holiday, you should consider these suggestions:

· Do not place your baby on a lap or seat. Be sure to sit in the car seat made for babies. When buying a car seat, make sure it fits your baby and car. Make sure that the car seat complies with the safety standards.
· Stop the car and take a break when your baby becomes cranky.
· Take lots of toys with you to play. Give your toys one by one so that your baby doesn't get bored immediately.
· Take your favorite food with you.
· Select your baby's sleep times for a ride.
· Dress your baby in light clothing to prevent sweating.

Airplane trip
Although traveling by plane is a comfortable way of traveling, traveling with the baby is the most uncomfortable journey for parents. If you are going on a flight by plane, you should consider the following recommendations:

· Pressure changes in aircraft affect infants and children rather than adults. During take-off and landing, babies can cry with the ear pain that occurs. To prevent this, it is necessary to ensure swallowing. Babies should be breastfed during take-off and landing to reduce or stabilize the eardrum.
· Your baby's body may be dehydrated on long air travels. To prevent this, you should breastfeed your baby every half hour. If you say that you cannot breast-feed my baby on the plane, express your milk before you board the plane and make your baby drink during the journey. If you say baby is eating food, take food with you in a bottle.
· Neonatal and Child Diseases Specialist Gülnihal Şarman “Choose the hours when the flights are not too crowded. Airplane cleaning is done at night, so prefer morning flights. Wash your hands frequently; have wet wipes with antibacterial properties. Give your child gum during take-offs and descents to avoid ear pain, and relaxes. ”
· Babies become restless in confined and limited spaces. You can reduce your stay in the cabin by sitting in the front of the aircraft and entering and leaving the cabin at the earliest.
· You can carry babies under 2 years of age on short-haul flights. Remember to ask the cabin crew for a special belt for babies.
· Make sure your baby's bottom is clean before boarding.

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