9 Steps to Normal Birth Preparation Guide

9 Steps to Normal Birth Preparation Guide

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Remember, the more you can relax yourself and relax your muscles, the easier you will give birth in the normal way. Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op.Dr. Worth to try!

Eventually the contractions started. As time goes on, they become more frequent… In this case, the last thing you need is probably the people around you to tell you to calm down. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Dumanshares suggestions that make the mother feel comfortable and her birth is easy:

Stay informed: It is very important to know what awaits you during the birth process. Couples should recognize both the atmosphere of the birth and learn about the situations that may come up. The first step is to attend a birth course with your partner. You can also read books that give information about birth and talk to your friends who are new mothers. If you confront your fear today, you will not panic if everything goes as planned during childbirth.

Prepare Warm Environment:A comfortable environment will calm you. Some hospitals have alternative delivery rooms that make you feel like you're at home. Even if your birth is not a standard hospital, try to personalize your room. You can take a picture from home and hang it in the delivery room or take a portable music set with you. listening, he says, relieves contractions.

Go with someone you trust to birth:Many of the mothers want to have their sister or best friend next to them at birth. Besides, having a child and saying that their experiences are normal comfort the mother candidate.

Move: Standing upright and active, both your thoughts away from contractions and allows the baby to come down more easily into the birth canal.

Try Meditation: One of the methods used to stay calm during birth is meditation. Thanks to this, you can overcome birth anxiety more quickly, become more peaceful, and therefore experience less complications during birth.

relax: Until the last period of pregnancy at the same time because of low back pain in sleep problems can be experienced. In such cases, you can use a specially designed maternity pillows to sleep in a comfortable and quality. (For example; Shuma Maternity Pillows) Maternity pillows during pregnancy more comfortable and comfortable sleep allows you to sleep.

Relaxing effect of water: Hot water loosens the tension of tired muscles and reduces your frustrations. Water has a relaxing effect. Hold the shower on your back or where your contractions are most intense.

Discover Yourself:Not all methods work for everyone.For example, the breathing techniques you have learned do not help you to squeeze the pillow you comfort yourself.You should find out for yourself what makes you comfortable.

Massage Movements:Massage can help you to relieve tension. As a result of the massage, you begin to secrete endorphins. Neck or foot massage helps you to forget your contractions for a while.

Coccyx: Presses the coccyx with your hand or tennis ball at each contraction.
Your back and lumbar region: Slips your fingertips slightly over your shoulder and descends.
Pelvic pressure: Gently pulls your hips back at each contraction. This movement of your partner helps to open the cervix and paves the way slowly for the baby.

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