Expecting twin baby

Expecting twin baby

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The expectant mothers who expect twin babies are experiencing the difficulties and beauties of pregnancy doubled. Yeditepe University Hospital IVF Unit Head and Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist. Dr. View Cem's Full Profile tells about those who are curious about twin pregnancies.

: Can you briefly explain what multiple pregnancy is and why it occurs?
Professor Dr. Cem Ficicioglu: The occurrence of more than one pregnancy in the mother's womb, this may be the case when one egg forms two babies, or it is called twin twins, or multiple pregnancies can be formed by fertilizing more than one egg separately.

: What are the reasons that increase the probability of multiple pregnancy?
Professor Dr. Cem Ficicioglu: Today, the use of egg enhancing drugs, vaccination and IVF applications have increased the occurrence of multiple pregnancies.

: What are the risky conditions of the mother during multiple pregnancy?
Professor Dr. Cem Ficicioglu: Complications of pregnancy are more common in multiple pregnancies, twin pregnancy is better tolerated, but there is a higher risk of premature birth, higher blood pressure increases, circulatory differences from infant to infant developmental disorders of the mother may be more risky in multiple pregnancies than this twin. It is very risky to give birth to more than preterm babies preterm babies will need newborn support units, and related complications will increase.

: What are the risks of babies in multiple pregnancy?
Professor Dr. Cem Ficicioglu: Complications due to preterm delivery are common.

: What precautions should be taken in order to ensure a smooth pregnancy in multiple pregnancies?
Professor Dr. Cem Ficicioglu: Here, if we accept twin pregnancies as multiple pregnancies, it should be ensured that the physician control is closely followed, the risks of preterm births are well followed, the development of babies is followed and the birth is performed in a newborn intensive care unit.

: How does pregnancy follow-up in multiple pregnancies?
Professor Dr. Cem Ficicioglu: Although not very different from other pregnancies, follow-up is performed with the frequency of taking precautions against possible risk factors and providing mother support continuously.

: What should be the mode of delivery in multiple pregnancies?
Professor Dr. Cem Ficicioglu: These babies are chosen by the obstetrician by vaginal and cesarean section according to their posture and weight according to the condition of the maternal roof.

: If a fetus dies during pregnancy in multiple pregnancies, what precautions should be taken for the living fetus (s)?
Professor Dr. Cem Ficicioglu: Whether the cause of death of the other baby is a single twin or not, the frequency of follow-up should be determined according to the gestational week when the baby is lost, and sometimes close monitoring should be performed by using blood clotting medication.

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