Tonsil Surgery for Children

Tonsil Surgery for Children

Tonsil Surgery for Children and Babies

What does tonsil do in the body?

tonsils is a pair of tissues located in the throat of the lymph system, which plays a role in the body's immune system. Particularly, microbes entering the upper respiratory tract have the task of recognizing and preparing the body for defense.

Does the body need tonsils?

Tonsils are the first defense area of ​​the body against diseases, especially in childhood.

However, the adenoid, which is located in the nasal passages, is still in the structure of tonsil tissue; in public "nasal fleshBilinen also known as tissues, the same function.

Why do tonsils swell?

Tonsils almost always swell due to microbial contamination, called droplet infection, transmitted from person to person by saliva and close contact. In this case, tonsils are red, sometimes there is white rash on them.

Symptoms such as fever, difficulty swallowing and pain when swallowing are also present. Drinking something cold does not cause any tonsil problems in a healthy person, but it can cause illness due to low local resistance in cases of chronic tonsils or weak immune system.

What is the difference between nasal flesh and tonsils?

Adenoid tissue, called nasal flesh, is actually in the lymph structure just like tonsils and plays a role in the defense of the upper respiratory tract. The most important difference from tonsils is that if the child is very large, it is already a small cavity that clogs the nasal cavity. In this case, it causes more frequent surgery of the nasal flesh than tonsil surgery.

Tonsils should be taken? Is tonsil always taken with nasal flesh?

Especially in infancy and childhood, tonsils have important roles in defending the body, so it is not appropriate to take them out of mandatory conditions. In recent years tonsil surgeries is not applied as often as before.

If the nasal flesh is too large and inhibits the child's breathing, or has caused middle ear problems that do not improve with medication, but there is no tonsillitis in the child, even in this case, tonsils may not be taken, only the nasal flesh is sufficient.

When should tonsils be removed?

The most obvious reasons for tonsil surgery;

  • In the last two years in a row more than 5-6 times tonsillitis not,
  • Tonsillitis is often caused by “beta hemolytic streptococcus denilen bacterium called beta microbial,
  • The baby has fever joint and heart rheumatism,
  • In addition to frequent tonsillitis, the presence of nasal flesh and middle ear problems,
  • The occurrence of tonsil and nasal flesh along with pediatric sinusitis that have become very recurrent and stubborn.

Large tonsils alone do not constitute a cause of surgery.

“Sleep apnea görülen (seizures during sleep) in children is another condition that requires taking nasal flesh and tonsils. In addition, tonsil tumors, tuberculosis in different cases, such as tonsil surgery is absolutely required.

What is beta germ, what is it?

Beta germ called streptococcal bacteria have the properties of making tonsillitis very often.

In this case, the operation of the heart valves and kidneys may be damaged as a complication of tonsil infections, especially between the ages of three and five years. They often coexist with febrile joint rheumatism caused by beta streptococci.

We often see families panic in the presence of beta streptococci in their throat cultures. However, beta streptococci cause much less complications in children growing up in today's developing social and economic conditions. Moreover, in the age of antibiotics, such complications can be prevented and seen less.

Does the tonsil cause more problems depending on age?

Tonsil problems are most common in childhood. The incidence peaks at times when children start in public places such as kindergartens, kindergartens or primary schools.

Tonsil tissue is a tissue that gradually regresses and shrinks with age and therefore infections decrease after the twenties.

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How many tons of tonsils should be taken?

Tonsil surgery except for compulsory cases It is usually not applied under the age of three.

However, large tonsils with severe respiratory obstruction can be taken under the age of three. Tonsil surgery is usually the most common age It is between 3 and 10 years old.

Tonsil and nasal flesh surgery decision is made how?

Tonsil and nasal flesh surgery when you decide to observe your baby, by observing your baby's disease;

  • Advanced snoring,
  • Sleeplessness,
  • Nutritional and developmental disorders,
  • Deformity of facial bones,
  • Corrupted teeth,
  • If you notice a lack of response to commonly used drugs, you can decide on the surgery in consultation with your doctor.

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Is there a season for tonsillectomy?

There was no tonsillectomy in the summer. This was because polio outbreaks were widespread at that time.

This is not the case since polio is virtually eliminated by vaccination today. However, there is still a tradition of not performing tonsillectomy in summer. Families prefer this surgery during the semester break or close to school closure.

Is tonsillectomy risky?

The most important risk of tonsil surgery It is bleeding. Nowadays, general anesthesia conditions and increasing facilities of hospitals reduce this risk.

However, tonsillectomy is a technically simple operation, but it is actually a surgery that needs to be prepared with a serious seriousness. The most important thing to consider when performing a tonsillectomy is that the hospital is a fully equipped hospital with an intensive care unit.

Tonsil surgery is risky in places such as outpatient clinics and offices where conditions are not sufficient.

Is it necessary to use anesthesia in tonsil surgery?

There is widespread belief among the public that there are complications associated with overdosing narcosis. This is not the case.

Surgical complications are often due to insufficient equipment and maintenance conditions. Today, general anesthesia is ideal with modern anesthesia devices and drugs.

What is bloodless tonsillectomy?

First of all, it should be known that tonsils and nasal flesh are among the bloodiest organs of the body. Therefore, there is always some bleeding during surgery. The important thing is to control this type of bleeding during surgery.

It is available in devices that clot the veins and hardly ever bleed when the tonsil tissue is removed by heat and pressure, which has recently been used in our country. In this technique, there is usually less postoperative pain. However, it should be known that whatever tools and techniques are used in tonsil surgeries, bleeding and pain may occur.

We have tried to answer all the questions you have in mind about tonsil surgery, if you have read our article but you still have unanswered questions in your mind, you can write us as a comment!

We wish you a healthy, happy day!

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