Is Normal Birth Risky After Cesarean Section?

Is Normal Birth Risky After Cesarean Section?

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The number of pregnant women who prefer normal birth after cesarean section is increasing. Answering our questions on the subject İstinye University Bahçeşehir Liv Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op.Dr. Serpil Kırım;

"When the suitable mother is selected by giving the necessary information for normal birth after cesarean section, she can perform healthy births by following the pregnancy process regularly."makes the description.

Vaginal delivery (caesarean section), ie normal delivery is possible. However, some conditions must be appropriate for this. It should be applied in hospitals that provide full service for 24 hours.

Pregnant women planning normal birth, 24-hour surgical team It is best to prefer hospitals where there are blood centers, adult and newborn intensive care units.

  • Who can give vaginal birth after cesarean section?

The most important and indispensable condition for doing SSVD is that the mother consciously demands it. In order for the mother to claim this, she must have knowledge of it.

So how can the family learn this information? With the help of childbirth training, families gain basic knowledge, learn the birth process and actively participate in decisions.

The mean interval required for normal delivery after cesarean delivery was 2-2.5 years. Tissue recovery after cesarean takes time and in normal births below this period, the risk of rupture of the uterus called rupture, waiting time is an important reason.

Previous caesarean section was made horizontally, if there is no other operation or abnormality other than cesarean section in the uterus, birth canal is appropriate and the baby If it weighs less than 4000 grams, normal birth can be given when appropriate team and hospital conditions are provided.

It is very important that a pregnant doctor can be followed during the whole action and that the baby can be followed up in the womb for 24 hours.

  • In which cases can normal delivery be done after cesarean section?

Pregnancy, continued cesarean necessity (such as the baby's spouse (placenta) close to the birth canal or closure), or have a health problem that prevents normal birth (heart diseases, previous hip operations), during the cesarean section, the uterine incision is made vertically or horizontally and extended upwards (reverse T incision), having undergone surgery (such as fibroids) for any reason related to the uterus, the pregnant woman has diabetes and hypertension, the birth canal is not suitable or a congenital normal birth is not recommended in cases of stenosis.

  • Are there risks of normal delivery after cesarean section?

Risk-free pregnancy and childbirth They do not. 1-2 / 1000 ratio of mother, baby, birth problems may be caused. Exaggerating the transfer of risks to the expectant mother is no more than adding new ones to existing fears of birth.

This does not mean that we should not inform the expectant mother about the risks. Of course, it is necessary to provide information to pregnant women, but it is not a very accurate information to reflect the situations in the normal course of pregnancy and childbirth as if it were only in normal birth.

The main risks are uterine rupture (0.2-1.5% if the previous cesarean section is horizontal) and an increase in urgent cesarean requirement (30%). There may also be an increase in the rate of infants experiencing distress in the womb and staying in the newborn unit when they are born.

  • What are the factors affecting the success of normal birth after cesarean section?

The more maternal and expectant mothers who want to have normal birth after cesarean section, the better the chance of having a normal birth.

Pregnant women who have pre-natal education, prepare their body and mind for birth, know and evaluate the risks and are not afraid of them can give birth more easily.

For this reason, mothers are recommended exercises. Provides contraction of pelvic muscles and 15-20 minutes daily can be done birth of kegel exercises Easier. Breathing and relaxation exercises with mothers who are preparing for the mind, more comfortable at birth.

Regularly made making birth easy in yoga and pilates It helps. Perineal massage, which increases the blood supply, elasticity and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles, also contributes to the delivery process.

Another factor affecting the success of the team, pregnant and family trust relationship. In addition to trusting the birth team, the doctor and the midwife should also trust the pregnant woman and her family.

Everything you need to know about cesarean birth! You can read our article on. Click the link below.

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What is Birth in Water?

Safe use of water at birth began in the 1980s. In many countries almost all hospitals offer water delivery services to pregnant women.

In our country, the Ministry of Health supports birth in water. For this purpose, 9 pilot hospitals have been established and established water delivery units and started to serve. In addition, this service is provided by many private hospitals.With a head between 37-42 weeks, Pregnant women with low risk for mother and baby (suitable for normal birth) are suitable candidates for birth in water.

Pregnant women who want to give birth in water go to pre-natal birth preparation trainings, actively participate in the process, contributes to easier births.

The use of water at birth occurs in two ways;

Suda Travay

The non-drug relaxing effect of water is targeted and the mother enters the pool as soon as it is needed during the first and second stages of birth (opening phase). However, birth does not take place here. The mother comes out of the pool for birth. This is the use of water for relaxing purposes.

Birth into the water

In the second stage of birth, the mother stays in the pool until the baby leaves. After the birth of the baby again in the lap of the mother.


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