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All About Baby Circumcision!

All About Baby Circumcision!

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Who wouldn't want a baby that smells and feels innocent? Of course, almost every family dreams of having a tiny cub that will bring a different perspective to life. However, having a child makes parents very happy and brings different responsibilities.

Circumcision surgery, which is of great importance for parents and boys, is one of the issues that need to be investigated both in terms of the way it is performed and after.

We are also for you baby circumcision We have compiled all the necessary information about this article!

What is Circumcision? Who Should?

Our baby may have to undergo various medical operations after birth. Circumcision that concerns men is one of these operations.

This operation is carried out in different countries as a requirement of tradition or religion, penile and bladder Even though it is thought to be a simple procedure, it is very important that the application be performed by experts in the field. It is prohibited and legally prohibited for non-physicians to do so. many health problems may cause.

This procedure can be done by all surgical branches, preferably pediatric urologists should be done by.

What are the medical benefits of circumcision?

Circumcision has started to be applied by observing the positive effects of pre-Christ and spreading.

Research also shows that the benefits listed below are for men and their partners.

  • Prevents Urinary Tract Infections!

Removal of excess skin at the tip of the penis prevents urinary tract infections. Children without circumcision urinary tract inflammation It is a proven fact that it is more common.

  • Reduces Penis Cancer Risk!

Some studies of circumcision reduces the risk of penis cancer showed. The fact that more parts have been removed facilitates the treatment process by making the diagnosis of the disease earlier.

  • Reduces the Risk of Cervical Cancer!

It is said by the experts that the men who have undergone this operation have a lower rate of cervical cancer.

  • Hygienic Benefits!

Since the closed penis tip is difficult to clean, it provides a suitable environment for microbes to settle. When the foreskin is removed, this area is easier to clean.

What are the methods used in circumcision?

Different tools and techniques are used for circumcision with medical developments over time. Today, the methods that are successfully applied in many hospitals are as follows.

  • Classical Circumcision

The inner and outer skins are cut by means of scissors or scalpel. The cut section is fixed with melted stitches.

  • Dorsal Sti

This is the technique of removing the side skins by cutting the part at 1 and 6 o'clock.

  • Clamp Method

Specially produced; mogen gomco and winkelmann clamp (bell method) It is a technique made with the help of metal tools such as. It is successfully applied in many centers. Cut the compressed skin by placing a suitable bell on the penis.

  • Guillotine Method

In this method, the area to be taken is stretched and clamped with a clamp and cut with a scalpel. Bleeding control is sewn.

  • Plastibell Technique

In this process, where plastic tubes are used, foreskin is pulled over the tubes and cut.

  • Laser Technology

Laser is also used in some centers. Although it is preferred by some families because the method is hemorrhagic and seamless, it is still a matter of controversy.

Surgeons recommend normal methods because they consider the laser to do more damage to the tissues.

After deciding which method and when to have baby circumcision, you should have the blood coagulation tests before each surgery.

Before the operation, you can make sure that your mini has a febrile disease or if you have a respiratory infection.

General Anesthesia? Local Anesthesia?

You may be concerned that general anesthesia is harmful. Today, all types of anesthesia are successfully applied.

Important! With the studies carried out, the harm of anesthesia drugs has been minimized. Which method to choose for the circumcised baby depends on the age.

If your son is less than 6 months of age, you should choose to have it under local anesthesia. Because older children have more movements general anesthesia surgery It will facilitate. Moreover, after a certain age, their awareness increases and they may be more afraid. Fully anesthetized in this case will reduce their fears.

Other than these methods, we call half-sleepiness sedation method There are also. The baby who will undergo an operation with an intravenous medication goes into a light sleep and the procedure is performed by providing local anesthesia with local anesthesia.

How Old is Circumcision?

Circumcision should be done by whom and how, as well as at what age is a very important issue. This process has physical effects for the child as well as psychological positive or negative effects can.

Although many parents around us perform this operation at different ages, the experts agree on one idea.

So what is the ideal age for circumcision? Is circumcision performed for 1-2 months old baby?

Operation can be performed by medical methods at any time. However, because of their psychological effects, specialists can 1-2 days later until 2 months It is.

Between 0-2 years and after 7 years are appropriate times.

Children 2-6 years of age are in a critical period of development of their sexual and social identity. Children should not be circumcised during this period unless there is medical obligation to circumvent this process without being battered.

In addition, children of this age may experience the fear that they will completely lose their genitals. This is a negative situation in terms of psychological development. As a result Circumcision of 2 months old baby it is the best time for you and your child.

Moreover, in this process, the mother is ready to take care of her baby.

Should circumcision be performed by the surgeon? You can watch our video.

How should babies care after circumcision?

Care is of great importance after this operation as it is done in every surgery. There will be a significant improvement within a minimum of a week to 10 days.

To overcome this period after circumcision in infants There are some rules to be followed.

  • Bleeding control: Bleeding in the first 24 hours is normal. If bleeding occurs in the form of a drip and you observe an increase in the amount, contact your center.
  • Fire control: Usually there is no fever after the operation. Nevertheless, it is useful to measure fever from time to time. There may be any inflammation. Above 37 degrees If you have made a measurement, you should ask your doctor for help.
  • Use of painkillers: As the effects of anesthesia will continue for a while after the operation, pain and ache will appear in the following hours, causing your pup to become restless. You can use pain medications that your doctor considers appropriate.
  • Performing dressing: Unless recommended otherwise, the gauze is usually removed after the first 24 hours. This process can make you uneasy with the thought of hurting you; but there is no need to be anxious. Especially your newborn will not even notice the situation. This will be easier if the gland is moistened with warm water before removal. It is also normal to have some bleeding in the form of a leak.
  • Bathing: Bathing with warm water every day after the gauze is removed accelerates the healing process. If this is not possible, it would be beneficial to soak it in warm water. During the bath sewing threads and wound shells will fall out by hand should not be tried to remove.
  • Restrict transactions: If you have done the procedure after the age of 2, you should try to limit the movement on the first day. Swelling and bruising of the penis may increase when you move too much and remain standing.

You and your son can continue your normal life in a short time with the care you will apply. When you have a question about babies after circumcision in consultation with your doctor it is better to solve this problem.

It should not be forgotten that; Circumcision of the baby should be performed in the hospital environment by surgeons who are experts in the field. Delivering this important process to unqualified persons may result in irreversible permanent damage.

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