Does a non-sperm male have a baby?

Does a non-sperm male have a baby?

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Does a man who has no sperm have children?

Having children is one of the most exciting experiences in couples' lives. While many couples can experience this excitement very easily, sometimes health problems can prevent this process.

One of the reasons men cannot be a father is that they have no sperm.

Well Does a man without sperm have children? The answer to this question is promising with recent medical developments!

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What are the reasons for the absence of sperm in men?

The absence of sperm from the man, ie azoospermia; in the absence of any living or dead reproductive cells in semen tests.

No sperm in man The problem may be innate or develop later.

However, this problem does not mean that an individual will not have children. Today azoospermia can be treated is an inconvenience.

Before the treatment, the factors that cause the problem should be identified and as a result of the findings, the most appropriate treatment methods should be applied to the patient by the experts.

The factors that cause the problem can be listed as follows:   

Klinefelter Syndrome

Klinefelter syndrome; It is a genetic disease that occurs when men have an extra X chromosome at birth.

In a healthy person, there are 46 chromosomes in 23 pairs. Gender chromosomes are found as XY in men and XX in women. The number of chromosomes that should be 44 + XY in men is 44 + XXY in patients with klinefelter syndrome and disrupts testicular development and sperm production.

Symptoms are more noticeable in some children during and after puberty, while others cannot be observed externally. The main symptoms are:

  • Difficulty in reading and writing,
  • Inadequate mathematical skills,
  • Lack of attention,
  • Difficulty in expressing emotions and shyness,
  • Delayed, incomplete or never realized adolescence,
  • Less hair on the face and other parts of the body,
  • Length average is longer than their peers,
  • Muscles are weaker and weaker,
  • Small penis,
  • Having smaller and harder testicles than normal,
  • Breast tissue growth (gynecomastia),
  • Bone weakness,
  • Low body energy…

The above-mentioned symptoms may indicate Klinefelter syndrome.

Obstruction in Sperm Channels

In men, sperm is produced in the testes. Sperm can not interfere with semen if the continuity of the channels carrying the sperm is disrupted. These channels are either non-congenital or may become congested.

The causes of blockages in sperm channels include;

  • Inflammation of reproductive systems and urinary tract,
  • Testicular injuries,
  • Hernia surgery and so on. surgeries,
  • Bilateral ducts (vasectomy),
  • The presence of cystic structures inside or outside the channels.

Lack of Sperm Channels

One of the reasons why men do not have sperm is the development of congenital ducts. In the absence of the so-called vas deferens, the reproductive cells that provide pregnancy prevent the testes from coming out.

Hormonal Causes

Testosterone, which provides reproduction, is administered by LH and FSH hormones secreted from the brain stem. Disorders of the release of these hormones can cause male infertility.

Drugs Used in Cancer Treatment and Radiation Exposure

Some cancer treatments can reduce or stop sperm production in men.

Sperm cells are very sensitive to the harmful effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and radiation. The nature of the treatments, the dosage and the extent of the harmful effects vary according to the treatment modalities.

Some Feverish Infections

Especially after puberty, high febrile diseases such as mumps and varicella may cause structural disorders in the testes and damage the reproductive cells.

How is it diagnosed that there is no sperm?

In order to answer the question of whether a man without sperm has children, first of all it is necessary to identify what the problem is.

In order to diagnose the disease, some hormone tests should be performed. Especially FSH, LH and testosterone hormones are examined.

3 times more than the normal value of these hormones secreted from the hypothalamus region in the brain, no sperm or none.

Although the hormone values ​​are normal, if there is no breeding cell in the semen, it means that the channels are blocked. One of the factors causing obstruction is cysts that occur in that region.

When the diagnosis is made, it is necessary to check whether the kidneys are functioning normally. Because hormonal imbalances from the kidneys can trigger the problem of no sperm.

How is a non-sperm male treated?

After the diagnosis of azospermia, which is very common in our country, in vitro fertilization and urology specialists make the situation assessment and apply the most appropriate techniques for the patient.

Experts semen use the following methods:

  • Hormone deficiency in cases caused by hormone therapies can be solved.
  • If duct obstruction is detected, the channels are opened by operations performed under general or local anesthesia and the reproductive cells are allowed to come out in normal ways. Such patients can have children naturally.
  • If the channels are not congenital or klinefelter is diagnosed, MESA, TESA, PESA and micro TESE methods can be applied to the patient.

MESA (Sperm Aspiration from Epididymis with Microsurgical Technique)

It is a method of taking a tissue sample by incision in the channels in the epididymis (a long elongated organ behind the testis) with a microscope. It may take several hours under general anesthesia.

TESA (Testicular Sperm Aspiration)

It is the process of searching for sperm with a small needle from the testis. Testicular sac is made under local anesthesia without incision. It is an easy and short time technique. There is not much pain after the operation.

PESA (Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration)

It is a needle extraction technique from the epididymis on the testes. It is simple and does not last long. It is performed with local anesthesia.

Immediately after the methods applied, the proficiency tests are applied to the reproductive cells in the laboratory. If these techniques cannot be obtained, Micro TESE can be applied.

Micro TESE (Microdissection Trigger Sperm Extraction)

It is the most preferred method with high success rate. Microscopic imaging is the technique of removing the living cells by removing tissue from the testes and enlarging them 20-25 times.

It is a surgical method and is performed with general anesthesia. Viable sperm should be frozen after separation and then switched to micro-injection (IVF). If the test is not successful, freezing should be performed to prevent the need for micro TESE surgery again.

The chance of success is high when applied by specialist doctors in the field. This ratio is above 50% especially for men under 35 years of age.

Stem Cell Hope in Men with No Sperm

Recent stem cell studies have given hope to men who cannot obtain viable sperm with these treatment methods. Yet these studies are in the experimental stage. However, studies on mice have shown that sperm can be produced by stem cell method very recently.

The final point reached today is to obtain sperm-like cells by undergoing a series of processes under laboratory conditions.

Although having a baby is the dream of most couples, sometimes the health problems of the couple can prevent it from being realized. Although it is thought that the problem is usually caused by women in not having children, it should be remembered that males may be caused by the reproductive system.

Consequently Does a man without sperm have children There are many people looking for answers. Today, as a result of research, infertility has become one of the curable diseases and success rates increase at an early age.

In addition, you can watch our video to learn what you need to know and pay attention to in vitro fertilization:

The important thing is that the couples start treatment without getting desperate by getting help from the expert organizations in the field as soon as possible.

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